Fun With the Strong Man Version

My fourth workout with In Bed Med Recovery/ Stuck In Bed Fitness was on the Strong Man version of the device.  This time I did eight different exercises, none of which I had tried previously.  I started with hammer curls using the therapy bands from the base, giving me twenty pounds of resistance in each hand.  I then moved on to reverse curls, also with the same bands which worked my biceps, forearms, and shoulders as well.  And then I did leg raises.  I held onto the sixty pound resistance cord triple grip handles while doing seated knee raises, three sets of ten.  I thought I was going to die.  This was especially challenging for me due to my weight but I can see how even a pregnant woman on bedrest could benefit from these exercises as my abs and quads are really feeling good now.  Then I did forearm curls which wasn’t as challenging so I was able to do more reps and it gave me a cardio workout as well.  I then proceeded to do uppercut punches using the twenty pound resistance cords and then I moved to jabs which were a jab/ overhand combination— a boxing style cardio workout.  I pulled down the sixty pound resistance cords and held them by my shoulders for a count of ten seconds— that was seriously challenging and I concentrated on my breathing— in and out!  I then worked my shoulders at the end with the therapy/yoga/pilates bands, again holding for a count of ten seconds with my hands directly in front of my shoulders, elbows locked.

Another great workout with In Bed Med Recovery/ Stuck In Bed Fitness, the ultimate in fitness and therapy experience from a bed, wheelchair, or even recliner.

Another Day, Another Great Workout!

Today was my third workout with Stuck In Bed Fitness/ In Bed Med Recovery.Today I focused mostly on standing exercises.  I did the seated peddler for one minute forwards and one minute backwards and then 20 standing squats to warm up. I then remained standing next to the Stuck In Bed Fitness/ In Bed MedContinue Reading

More observations about Stuck In Bed Fitness

As their social media guru, I’m back with more observations about the Stuck In Bed Fitness/ In Bed Med Recovery therapy device.  I was encouraged to use it for just ten minutes today and do some very difficult exercises. The first time I used it I didn’t have an opportunity to try the rejuvenation kit—thisContinue Reading

Stuck In Bed Fitness/ In Bed Med Recovery

One of my social media clients is Stuck In Bed Fitness, LLC.  The owner is a friend of mine and hired me on to do some tweeting, facebooking, linkedin work, getting daily posts up on all platforms, and expanding their reach.  I’m enjoying the experience and wanted to try out the device.  Normally I blogContinue Reading

Direct Sales Versus Network Marketing

When I tell people that I started out in direct sales and that now I represent both direct sales and network marketing, their eyes glaze over.  To the average Joe, from what it appears, both are the same and only the lucky do well as most simply bug their friends and families. Here’s what IContinue Reading

Absorbing Another’s Team Members Or Customers

Sometimes, a team member of yours leaves your company, leaving HER team members in YOUR unit.  Sometimes, a local friend who isn’t even in your unit leaves your company and asks you to service her customers.  And sometimes, very sadly, your team member passes away. My mother in law passed away last week after aContinue Reading

Content, Conversation, Distribution

I read something neat from Lisa Pretto of InkBig:  She explains that email is the distribution mechanism, while a blog is the content center and social media is the conversation mechanism. This concept very neatly ties all aspects of the marketing section of business together, doesn’t it? I’ve been feeling guilty lately for not beingContinue Reading

Organizing your Inventory For Success

I’ve posted about the importance of your direct sales business carrying an inventory, but I haven’t yet posted my tips for organizing your inventory for success!  So here are some tips that will help you be ready for anything. 1)  Move discontinued inventory into a separate location in your office.  When people stop by lookingContinue Reading

Email Lists Direct Sellers Should Join

Direct sellers often wonder whose emails they should trust and on whose lists they should remain as emails become more frequent and sitting in front of the computer becomes more overwhelmingly easy to do.  From fourteen years in the business, I have some current lists I love  (aside from my own!).  A quick tip:  checkContinue Reading

Topical Vitamins

Quick video tip for you today about needing vitamins on your facial skin.  Enjoy!   Topical Vitamins     TweetContinue Reading