About Me


Welcome to my website! I’m a mom of special needs ten year old twins in Cleveland, OH. I’m an Orthodox Jew, and balance a couple of work at home businesses!

A little bit about me…

I grew up in Cincinnati. The minute I graduated high school I decided I needed to get far away from home. I wanted to further explore my religion (I wasn’t brought up an Orthodox Jew) and I wanted to experience college in a different environment. I landed at Brandeis University, near Boston. While a student at Brandeis, at a conference for future Rabbis (!!!!) in Wisconsin, I was introduced to a mutual friend of a friend of mine and for the last three years of college I had a long distance romance. Adam and I (by the end of college, neither of us wanted to become Rabbis any longer) applied to three graduate schools with the plan that whatever school accepted us both would have to put up with us. We landed in Los Angeles and both pursued a masters degree in education. After our graduate degrees, we got married in LA and started our lives there. After nine years there, we moved to Cleveland and had our twins, a boy and a girl. Adam is still in the field of education.

I began a part time skin care business on the side while working full time. I wanted some more fun, some more friends, and some more money. The products were great, and I was earning good money per hour. But I still kept working in the field of education.

I got sick…

My PLAN was to work in education in Los Angeles until I could convince Adam that we needed to move to the Midwest. In the late summer of 2001 it was becoming clear that I couldn’t hold onto my current job as a director of a religious school program. All of a sudden I was dealing with symptoms, doctors, diagnoses, and emergency room visits. It was a tough decision to break a school contract even before the school year got off the ground, but it was the right decision for my health. After a few months, when I realized I’d be able to work again, I knew I had a great career opportunity already in my lap. My little skin care hobby— why not turn it into a business?

I wanted to be a work at home mom…..

Now that I was physically better, we got the bug to start a family. So I decided instead of going to work for someone else, I’d try working the business from home and be a “work at home wife” for a while, on the way to being a work at home mom. Infertility hit hard and for many years we tried to have children while I moved into the top 2% of that company before we resorted to in vitro fertilization.

The Twins Were Born…

While a director in the top 2% of the direct sales skin care/ cosmetics business, the twins were born in 2007 and for a while I balanced mothering twins with running a unit with all that entailed— unit meetings, newsletters, mailing prizes all over the country. Around the time both twins were getting diagnosed with autism (one twin also has a hypotonia diagnosis and an adhd diagnosis and encopresis/megacolon), it became clear that it made more sense to focus on the client end of my business so that I had more time available to go to physical, occupational, and speech therapy appointments, ETR/MFE/IEP meetings, GI doctors, medication management appointments, and all that being a mommy to special kiddos entails. This also leaves my work time more flexible to allow me to dabble in other businesses as well: I love my secondary business and market them primarily to other direct sales professionals who need communication tools to help them lead their teams. Now I have more than one direct sales/ network marketing business along with my two full time jobs: my kiddos!

In addition, I’ve taken on a select number of social media clients, tweeting, posting, curating content, and adding followers for them.

In addition to the direct sales and network marketing businesses, and the social media business, I’m also doing some work with affiliate marketing (ebooks), paid to clicks, traffic exchanges and safelists while completing my training at Click Track Profit.

Call to Action…

Connect with me online! I look forward to getting to know you. If you think a work at home business might be right for you, I invite you to visit my “work with Heather” pages above.


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