Absorbing Another’s Team Members Or Customers

Sometimes, a team member of yours leaves your company, leaving HER team members in YOUR unit.  Sometimes, a local friend who isn’t even in your unit leaves your company and asks you to service her customers.  And sometimes, very sadly, your team member passes away.

My mother in law passed away last week after a twelve year battle with lupus.  Over the past two years she spent much more time in the hospital or nursing home than she spent at home.  Despite this, she STILL sold product!  In her nightgown in the nursing home, she would have $200 days, gathering multiple nurses and therapists as clients, even without traditional skin care classes or facials.  Catalogs, samples, and a supportive husband were all she needed.  Her husband, my father in law, would give a basket of products to a friend for a week…. the friend would sell product knowing that mom and dad needed the funds for medical expenses.  This amazing woman sold thousands of dollars worth of makeup even when she wasn’t allowed to wear any because of her intense medical issues.

I could blog for hours about mom and fun stories about her life and about how much I miss her.  But this is not my personal blog- this is my business blog, and I attempt to stay on topic here with direct sales topics (and skin care too).  So I thought a little about what to do when you absorb a group of someone else’s team members or customers might be in order.

1) Print out the list of names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.  They are not yet in YOUR database, and once the company knows that someone is gone, there goes their database as well.  I have not yet informed the company of mom’s passing.  I plan to do it very soon.  Before I do so, I will print out her list of team members and clients.

2) Put those names, addresses, phone numbers and emails into YOUR database.  Whatever your clients get, they (the absent consultant’s clients) shall get.  Sale coming up?  Special samples going out to everyone?  Include your absorbed clients.

3) Let them know what’s happening.  There may still be clients on mom’s list who don’t yet know what happened.  They will get the news from me shortly.  Even though the majority of her customers were friends with her outside of the business and know well what happened, I’m sad to be the bearer of bad news to a few clients.

4) Don’t be offended if they don’t stick with you.  Mom lived in North Carolina and I live in Ohio.  I will offer free shipping to mom’s customers, but even so, some of them might prefer to shop with someone local.  That will be fine and I can’t let that bother me.

In the past when I stepped down from directorship, my team members’ team members ended up in my recruiter’s unit— they were no longer “mine”.  Now, I will absorb some of my team members customers.  These things happen in direct sales and I hope that these tips are helpful for you!

May the memory of Renee Price be a blessing and may all who knew and loved her be comforted by the many stories we can tell of her life.  To learn more about this wonderful woman, here is her obituary. (Renee Joyce Cohen Price- scroll down)



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  1. Great advice but sorry for your loss.

  2. OH my gosh so glad I discovered you! I love this article and I am seriously going to look at every page on your website!

  3. We never like to think that some tragedy will happen, as has happened to you, Heather, which is why your tips are so important for creating a path for a smooth transition while everything is sunny.

  4. Stacey McCoy says:

    I’m really sorry for your loss, and I’ll definitely take your advice and use this for my own business.

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