Adopt a Grandma is Back!

My unit is adopting Grandparents for the holidays! Is there any reason why you couldn’t help me with this? For just $10 we can give a gift to one of our seniors and ensure they don’t get forgotten this season. Our unit goal is 40-80 hand creams and my personal goal is 20. How many would you like to sponsor today? THANK YOU!! You are helping to ensure our seniors have a wonderful holiday season too. All you need to do is click below and order as many hand creams as you’d like to donate. Forget tax and shipping- you’ll be charged an even $10 for each cream. So if you order three I’ll charge you $30. Your hand creams will be shipped to Orlando, FL where my gal who is organizing this lives—- she’ll wrap each cream beautifully and present them to the men and women at two different nursing home facilities. THANK YOU FOR HELPING!

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