Advertising is NOT all There Is To Marketing!

Advertising is ONE part of a strategic marketing plan for your direct sales or network marketing business.

You need both active and passive marketing strategies.  Advertising is a good passive strategy.  The problem with advertising is that, oftentimes, you need to pay for it.  If you can have most of your marketing strategies be free ones, you’ll come out ahead.

Other good passive strategies are your company replicated website, business cards, and blogging (as long as on your blog you have a way to capture names and email addresses (see the widget on the right there?  Go ahead and put in your name and email addy.  I’ll wait.  :) )

ACTIVE strategies, however, are the most important part of your marketing arsenal.  Follow up phone calls and emails.  Asking for referrals.  Forum Marketing.  Social Networking.

Make sure that you are tracking your marketing activities.  How much time are you spending on each strategy?  How much money are you spending on each strategy?  What kinds of results is each strategy producing?  Those strategies that produce well, you keep.  The strategies that don’t produce can be dropped as your business grows.

Make sure that you are very consistent in marketing your business.  Marketing your business only when you’re low on action won’t yield results.  Consistent marketing, even in weeks where your business is booming, will ensure a steady flow of clients through your marketing funnel.advertising

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