Brain Dump

Everytime I think about posting something to this blog I think that either it has nothing to do with relationship marketing as it pertains to direct sales or that my readers already know what it is I’m about to post.   Other direct sales bloggers cover the main topics I would like to cover, and they do it so much better than I ever would.  (That’s my negative nelly talking).  Besides, I’ve been insanely busy with my kids.

I’ve been spending so much time working my businesses, I haven’t had time to come up with some wonderful new thought to post here– I apologize!

But then I thought— well, there are plenty of readers wondering what it means to work my businesses.  And since this blog mainly speaks to fellow direct sellers about my cards business, let me tell you what I’ve done with regard to that business in the last few days.

I took over a bunch of leads from a friend of mine in the same business.  She’s not sure which of the leads have gotten a card or dvd from her and she hasn’t had time to call any of them– they are all interested in learning more about the cards business.

So, I did a few things.

1) I emailed each of them to apologize for the delay in getting back to them, letting them know I wasn’t sure if they requested information last week or last month, but regardless, a card and dvd is on the way to them and they should confirm to opt in to the email I’m about to send them.

2) I put each email into a new autoresponder list which drips info about the business out to those who are interested.  Don’t know what an autoresponder list is?  Great— there’s another blog post a-comin’.  :)

3)  I sent a card and dvd to each of them.

4)  Next week I’ll follow up with each of them with a phone call.

That’s it— nice and simple— they each get a personal email, they get entered into the autoresponder, they get a card and dvd, and they get a phone call.  Layers of response.  If they delete an email, they’ll get a card in the mail.  If they forget to watch the dvd, they’ll get a phone call.

And that’s how relationship marketing works, by layering.

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