Breast Cancer Awareness Sachets

Last night I screwed up with my autoresponder system and accidentally sent an email that was only supposed to go out to my primary direct sales business’ team and unit to my entire ezine list.  OOPS!  I double checked that it was going out to the list I had selected, then clicked the send button and I still don’t know what happened.

The email was a particular method for lead generation specific to October.  I’ve got lots of lead generation ideas.  I’ll be sending out the Halloween ones soon.  It’s always fun to have different methods to create new leads in your direct sales business (keeps you from getting bored!).  Want my free training?  Join my team!  :)

But it got me thinking.  My ezine list is partly customers of mine or potential customers of mine- people interested in learning more about skin care and interested in the skin care articles I post at my other blog.  It’s also partly fellow direct sales consultants, particularly fellow skin care consultants.  For that segment of my readers, the email I sent was actually quite helpful and I got some responses with questions!

But why feel queasy about the fact that my readers who aren’t fellow direct sellers got the email?  Why feel uncomfortable that they are aware that we have lead generation methods especially if they promote a great cause?  My customers and potential customers should know that I promote RELATIONSHIP marketing!  And if this idea isn’t relationship marketing, I don’t know what is.

Having said that, here’s the email…. I didn’t write it, I just passed it along.  If you are a fellow skin care consultant and want the attachments, send me an email:   (but if you opt in on the right side of the blog up there, you’ll get my ezine every couple of weeks and the next time I accidentally screw up and send a training email to my entire ezine list, you’ll get that too.  :)

So here’s your great relationship marketing lead generation method for today.  If you sell perfume, this works for you.  If you sell candles, this could work for you too— substitute little snippets from votive candles wrapped in tulle for perfumed cotton balls……  tell me how you’ll use this method in October and let me know how many people you meet!



OCTOBER IS NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  I love the opportunities that offers to make a difference to women out there.  I am passionate about early detection!!  This little sachet you give out could save a life!!

To put these together, you need to purchase or prepare:

  • Tulle – netting that brides use.  You can find it in any fabric section of a craft or fabric store, Walmart (those who still have that), etc.  I purchased several yards of pink tulle and cut it into squares (just measured the cotton ball to see what would go around it, then made a square pattern out of newspaper).  It was less than $1 a yard.  You can also buy the pre-cut rounds that you make rice bags out of.  These are much more expensive – already done, but cost more.  My goal is to give out at least 1000!  YES, 1000!!!
  • Ribbon – the tiny 1/16th inch is great but I have used the 1/8th.  I got mine at Walmart for 47 cents a spool.
  • White cotton balls – JUMBO
  • The attached cards (2 choices).  You can print them on pink card stock in black and white or on white card stock.  You can also buy the perforated business cards.  They are attached in PDF and one is in PUB so that you can put your info on the back.  If you do not have PUB or prefer, just put your label or stamp the back with your info.
  • Fragrance – I am going to use the new (our new company fragrance– name removed).
  • The attached entry form
  • Put a cotton ball in the netting, gather it up and twist a little, tie with ribbon.  Hole punch a card and thread it with the ribbon and knot.
  • When you have a bunch made, put in a gallon zip lock bag and spray with a fragrance.  Label the zip lock with the name of that fragrance.

You will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper cutter – optional for the bus cards
  • A basket to put the sachets in
  • Clipboard – I bought small ones at Dollar Tree – and a sharp looking pen
  • Product giveaways
  • I recommend a spiral notebook to tape all of your leads in.  If you do this daily and make notes about each one, it keeps them in one spot and makes follow-up so much easier.  I put 2 leads on a page.

Once you have them made, give them to every woman you see.  Tell them that in honor of Nat’l BC Awareness Month, you’d like to give them a gift.  Hand them a sachet and tell them to put in in their lingerie drawer and every time they see or smell it (impt to say that so they know it has a fragrance), that is to remind them to ask themselves if they have done their monthly breast self exam.

This always starts up a conversation and you can then ask them if they’d like to be in a drawing to win ______.  I am giving away the matching lotion for the fragrance.  Hand them the entry form (on a clipboard) and pen.

Then….and this is IMPORTANT….if they have an interest in (our company), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE book them ON THE SPOT!!! Why say, “I’ll give you a call and we’ll set something up??” You have her right there….she is interested…instead, I say, “Tell me, when is your next day off? Open up your datebook and pencil her in.  That is what our company taught us to do – Tentative Date Booking.

Make sure you have your Coaching Packets in your car so you can give it to her right away.

Here’s another idea….approach local restaurants and set up a time to go into them and hand out sachets during their busy time.  We work locally with one here.  They let us set up at the entrance way and hand these out.  You could also go into businesses and give them out, telling them you’ll come back later to pick up the entry forms.  (If they are busy)

How many sachets will you hand out?  How many women will you touch?  How many lives could you possibly save?

Aside from parenting special needs twins, Heather Price represents three direct sales and network marketing companies. She started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000, and added the greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses. Heather enjoys selling the products and building teams with these companies. Do you need extra income? You can find out more from the “work with Heather” pull down menu at In 2012 she added social media services to her portfolio. For a limited number of clients, she tweets, pins, posts, connects, curates content, uploads videos, and generally explodes the social media presence of small businesses. Heather’s businesses can be found at , , and . To ask Heather about her social media services, put your info here:


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  1. JenSpenser says:

    Ooops! It happens to the best of us :) That is a great idea. Anything that reaches out to people and meets a need is a great idea that should be shared.

  2. Betsy says:

    Hey Heather,
    I am doing this with Perfume and its a great thing I sold 2 yesterday just handing them out!!


  3. This is why you are so good at what you do! What a great idea! Thank you.

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