Case Study #1

My new friend Lee owns a chain of weight loss clinics and has been handwriting over 100 postcards a week.  Her nearest post office is miles away.  I signed her up as a new distributor with our system and now she can upload before and after photos of her clients to her cards.  She can send card campaigns to her new and potential customers.  She can send out her weekly postcards with the click of a couple of buttons (once she sets the addresses up on the front end or hires help to get it done— can you imagine all that time she’s saving each week now?)

To send gifts to her clients (with weight loss clinics I guess she’s not sending the brownies or cookies– maybe she’ll do the giftcards and books… *lol*)— she simply needs to click “attach gift”, choose a gift from our extensive card catalog and click send.  Easy peasy.

She’s brand new in my downline but I’m looking forward to hearing more how she uses the system and how it leads to more income for her (and time saved!)

Those of you in my card system customer base or downline— I’m looking for case studies.

What types of campaigns do you use?
What photos do you upload to the fronts of your cards?
Who do you send cards to and why?  How often?
How has a simple card led to unexpected extra income for you?

Heather Price is a direct sales relationship marketing expert in Cleveland, OH. Have you ever lost a client because you’ve dropped the ball on keeping in touch and didn’t follow through? It’s so frustrating- what if there was a system that did that for you? Have you ever wished you had someone to print your marketing materials, stuff envelopes, address them and mail them for you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click one button and include a gift too? That’s what Heather does- She sets you up with a system that does just that…. plus it reminds you when birthdays are coming up. The result is better retention and increased referrals from your clients, a more streamlined marketing system, and you’ll never again forget a birthday. You will feel much more organized and accomplished when you can send 700 holiday cards in five minutes. Try Send Out Cards for free by calling me: 216-870-3142.

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