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Adopt a Grandma is Back!

My unit is adopting Grandparents for the holidays! Is there any reason why you couldn’t help me with this? For just $10 we can give a gift to one of our seniors and ensure they don’t get forgotten this season. Our unit goal is 40-80 hand creams and my personal goal is 20. How manyContinue Reading

Twitter Tips

I’ve had a lot of friends and acquaintances ask me lately about twitter. How do I make money from twitter? What’s it all about? What do you talk about and how do you know who to follow? So I thought I’d throw some info out there for you twitter newbies. Be sure to follow meContinue Reading

4 more days: Adopt a Grandma

Deadline is this Thursday, May 7th. PLEASE participate! Share with friends. Tweet and retweet. Let’s make some sweet Grandmothers in a local Cleveland nursing home smile next Sunday! Simply click here to read more and participate….. THANK YOU SO MUCH! TweetContinue Reading