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Internet Marketing For Dummies

No, you’re not a dummy, and neither am I.  But I’m new to the traffic exchange/ safelist  side of internet marketing where a whole vocabulary exists that I hadn’t known before:  rented referrals, splash pages, paid to clicks, etc etc etc.  I’d hesitated to go into great detail on this blog about this new hobbyContinue Reading

Five Ways To Succeed At a Vendor Event

Good morning fellow direct sales professionals! Tis the season for vendor events! You’ve worked hard to get some good ones on your calendar and now you want to make the most of them! Do you sit there and sell to those who wish to buy? Or should your focus be on collecting names and numbers?Continue Reading

Others Focused Marketing, Selling, and Team Building

I’ve been with my main business for thirteen years now.  In that time, I’ve learned that success comes primarily from being others focused.  When you’re more concerned with what your client or team member needs than with your own paycheck, that’s when your paycheck grows.  Isn’t that a wonderful career?  A business in which theContinue Reading

Wording Makes a Difference In Direct Sales Booking

In my main direct sales company, we can refer to our one on one appointments as facials or skin care pampering sessions.  We can refer to our home parties as parties or skin care classes.  Can you guess which wording choices I prefer and why?   I’ve used “facials” and have found that, oftentimes, peopleContinue Reading

Advertising is NOT all There Is To Marketing!

Advertising is ONE part of a strategic marketing plan for your direct sales or network marketing business. You need both active and passive marketing strategies.  Advertising is a good passive strategy.  The problem with advertising is that, oftentimes, you need to pay for it.  If you can have most of your marketing strategies be freeContinue Reading