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Top Five Reasons For Using Send Out Cards in Your Direct Sales Business

Here are the top five reasons to use Send Out Cards in your direct sales business.  Ready to try a card for free?  Go to 1) Birthdays.  Your team members and clients will be so happy you’ve remembered their special day with an actual card- not an ecard, but a card in the mail.  Continue Reading

You Know About Video Email— Here Are Other Reasons to Join WowWe!

Why does a direct sales professional need to pay a monthly fee for a video email package?  Because it’s not JUST a video email package, that’s why!  So far, in showing you WowWe’s features, I’ve been showing you the custom video templates that you can create to send video emails to your team members, potentialContinue Reading

Using WowWe Video Email For Your Direct Sales Business

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Why You Should Follow-Up with Customers and Prospects

One of the keys to sales success involves following a regular, continuous follow-up procedure. Some customers who fail to call you back still want what you sell. But, they sometimes get too busy for returning phone calls and emails. If you establish a regular plan for following up with your prospects and customers, you becomeContinue Reading

Online Autoresponders: Your New Best Friend

Are you signed up with aweber or another online autoresponder service?  If you’re in direct sales and communicating with your customers and team members… you should be! Our goal in direct sales is to be working with the people:  booking, selling, and recruiting.  Our income producing activity in the field needs to take precedence overContinue Reading