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Content, Conversation, Distribution

I read something neat from Lisa Pretto of InkBig:  She explains that email is the distribution mechanism, while a blog is the content center and social media is the conversation mechanism. This concept very neatly ties all aspects of the marketing section of business together, doesn’t it? I’ve been feeling guilty lately for not beingContinue Reading

The Three C’s for Direct Sales Blogging

If you’re in direct sales, why use blogging as a passive marketing strategy?  You’re out there doing surveys, warm chatting, running promotions in businesses, sending out sample packs…. along with your one on one appointments and parties…. do you really need to blog as well? Here are three wonderful reasons to blog: Community: You canContinue Reading

Advertising is NOT all There Is To Marketing!

Advertising is ONE part of a strategic marketing plan for your direct sales or network marketing business. You need both active and passive marketing strategies.  Advertising is a good passive strategy.  The problem with advertising is that, oftentimes, you need to pay for it.  If you can have most of your marketing strategies be freeContinue Reading


My last few months have been incredibly intense.  Both of my kids’ special needs have gotten worse and we’ve had to have lots of testing and appointments and paperwork for each twin.  A chronic illness I have that’s been dormant for many years reared it’s ugly head.  We moved, so there was the craziness ofContinue Reading

Direct Sales and Business Blogging

I love this post from Shelly Hill! Thank you Shelly! ———————- I am often asked if its necessary to have a blog if you are in Direct Sales and my answers is this…if you are looking to build a Direct Sales business online…then yes. If you are only looking to market your business offline, wellContinue Reading