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You’re Going To Think I’m Crazy…..

Another out of the box marketing idea for direct sales businesses:  surveys! Choose a place where friendly people hang out—- the mall, strip malls, walmart, the grocery store, the library……  do NOT stand in one place with a clipboard.  Walk up to women individually and start a conversation about something completely different— compliment her children,Continue Reading

Spooktacular Ideas For Halloween

My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween (ok, one of my kids brought home a packet of Halloween word searches and mazes from public school today– lol), but every year I enjoy the creative and interesting direct sales marketing ideas directed towards Halloween and Trick Or Treating. My favorite is reverse trick or treating.  This is whenContinue Reading

Wording Makes a Difference In Direct Sales Booking

In my main direct sales company, we can refer to our one on one appointments as facials or skin care pampering sessions.  We can refer to our home parties as parties or skin care classes.  Can you guess which wording choices I prefer and why?   I’ve used “facials” and have found that, oftentimes, peopleContinue Reading

Why You- And Your Host- Must Use a Guest List

WHY YOU  ̶  AND YOUR HOST  ̶   MUST USE A GUEST LIST I always enjoy Christie’s articles.  I’m a fan of “top ten” lists, and this one hits the nail on the head!  Enjoy this article from the Lemon Aid Lady! — Heather ©Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™ Feel free to forwardContinue Reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Sachets

Last night I screwed up with my autoresponder system and accidentally sent an email that was only supposed to go out to my primary direct sales business’ team and unit to my entire ezine list.  OOPS!  I double checked that it was going out to the list I had selected, then clicked the send buttonContinue Reading

Ten Ways To Get Outside Bookings

I like this article from Kimberly Bates.  A lot of these booking methods are relationship marketing oriented- very one on one and personal.  I’ve personally used #9 and #10.  I like #1 a lot…..  lately I’ve been adding a lot of fellow direct sellers to my list because of my new ezine which incorporates directContinue Reading