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Top Five Reasons For Using Send Out Cards in Your Direct Sales Business

Here are the top five reasons to use Send Out Cards in your direct sales business.  Ready to try a card for free?  Go to 1) Birthdays.  Your team members and clients will be so happy you’ve remembered their special day with an actual card- not an ecard, but a card in the mail.  Continue Reading

What’s the Deal with Vistaprint?

A client of mine who had signed up for my card business but not used it a whole heck of a lot told me she used vistaprint to print her business cards.  And she had used vistaprint to send some postcards.  And she had used vistaprint… hey wait a minute…. you signed up with usContinue Reading

Who wants a box of brownies?

When it comes to brownies, do you prefer chewy or crumbly? I’ve made both (from mixes) and personally I’ve decided I prefer chewy. The brownies that come as a gift choice with a Send Out Cards account are my personal favorites. I am going to give away a box to one of YOU! Why? WhatContinue Reading