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Does Your Company Have Heart? Soul?

I’m reading Heart & Soul: Five American Companies That Are Making the World A Better Place Obviously as a niche marketer for my secondary business in “direct sales relationship marketing”, my concern is relationships first, marketing second.  People first, business second.  It’s interesting to read stories of entire companies who take that philosophy to heartContinue Reading

Case Study #1

My new friend Lee owns a chain of weight loss clinics and has been handwriting over 100 postcards a week.  Her nearest post office is miles away.  I signed her up as a new distributor with our system and now she can upload before and after photos of her clients to her cards.  She canContinue Reading

Looking For Case Studies

I’ll post a few of my own, but I’d also like to hear from my customers and downline:  how has sending cards to your customers and downline helped YOU in your direct sales business? What types of campaigns do you use? What photos do you upload to the fronts of your cards? Who do youContinue Reading