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Email Lists Direct Sellers Should Join

Direct sellers often wonder whose emails they should trust and on whose lists they should remain as emails become more frequent and sitting in front of the computer becomes more overwhelmingly easy to do.  From fourteen years in the business, I have some current lists I love  (aside from my own!).  A quick tip:  checkContinue Reading

Here’s Why I Was Unfriended

This gal friended me on facebook then blasted her business in a mass message about how she had to sell $2000 TODAY —- I answered that I’ve been with that company for 13 years and she’s barking up the wrong tree trying to get me to become her client. She snarkily told all her friendsContinue Reading

Online Party Success

Direct sellers: another great event coming up! Sign up through my link– right here—- and I might win a contest… Here is what you will learn about promoting online parties! The single most important thing you MUST do in order to create excitement about your Facebook event and get people to respond to theContinue Reading

Organizing Your Contacts on Social Media

Organizing your social media contacts is crucial for direct sales/ network marketing success if you are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook to communicate with your prospects. I first discovered the beauty of listing through twitter.  I’ve created various lists so that I can filter the twitter noise and read the posts from theContinue Reading

What’s On Your Ipod?

2011 — a brand new year!  One of my goals for this year is to listen to all of the great teleseminar downloads I’ve received!  Some I listen to right away— others I pop onto my ipod and then haven’t made time to listen.  Thus, the goal! Once you start listening to great training, youContinue Reading

The Top Five Ways To Build Your Direct Sales Business on a VERY Tight Time-Budget

The Top Five Ways To Build Your Direct Sales Business on a VERY Tight Time-Budget For SEO reasons this article is being removed from this blog.  Please accept my apologies—- I don’t yet understand why duplicate content is a problem and why the same article can’t be on two blogs.  If you arrived at thisContinue Reading

Setting Up and Managing Social Media Accounts

I LOVE this article from VA Sophie Vollman.  Sophie is great about posting VA tips and articles about how your VA can help you and I am personally using these tips with my VAs.  I now have two VAs— one who is my jack of all trades (she put together my recruiting and new consultantContinue Reading