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What This Summer Has Taught Me

This blog has been seriously ignored. I’d been extremely busy with my social media business and my skin care business. When I had a few minutes that didn’t need business attention, I had laundry to do, bills to pay, and a million and one kid related things to do. Once again, I find myself wantingContinue Reading

Others Focused Marketing, Selling, and Team Building

I’ve been with my main business for thirteen years now.  In that time, I’ve learned that success comes primarily from being others focused.  When you’re more concerned with what your client or team member needs than with your own paycheck, that’s when your paycheck grows.  Isn’t that a wonderful career?  A business in which theContinue Reading

Mindset: A Case Study

In direct sales and network marketing, a key element is mindset.  I’ve noticed that potential team members come to me with two very different mindsets. One type of potential team member is struggling financially.  Perhaps that’s why she’s attracted to the opportunity in the first place.  If she’s not truly struggling financially, she feels sheContinue Reading