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To The Direct Sales Pro Dropping Postcards At The Bleachers At Her Kid’s Soccer Game….

Did the subject line get your attention? I’m talking to YOU.  You’re in the top 10%, 5%, or even 2% of your direct sales company. You KNOW the importance of following up with your hostesses, guests, consultants, prospective clients, prospective consultants, friends, and family. You have a system for sending multiple postcards each week andContinue Reading

Top Five Reasons For Using Send Out Cards in Your Direct Sales Business

Here are the top five reasons to use Send Out Cards in your direct sales business.  Ready to try a card for free?  Go to 1) Birthdays.  Your team members and clients will be so happy you’ve remembered their special day with an actual card- not an ecard, but a card in the mail.  Continue Reading

How To Use SOC for your Direct Sales Business

TweetContinue Reading

What Happens After You Click Send?

Just had a great convo with one of my awesome downline members about how best to use our card sending system for her purposes and get her subscriptions and downline building. Don’t let your points build up— USE them! Card campaigns to new customers in your primary biz—- card campaigns to new team members… birthdayContinue Reading

Using cards to promote other businesses

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been showing you different ways to use cards to promote your direct sales businesses.  New consultant postcard campaigns, birthday campaigns, customer thank you cards and reminder cards….. But what if you’re interested in joining the card biz, not as a customer, but as a fellow distributor?  Many of my downline membersContinue Reading

More New Consultant Postcards

ok you’ve seen the first two postcards I send when a new consultant joins my unit.  Here are the rest. As a reminder, I set up the campaign ONCE– I chose the cards, typed the text, saved the campaign— and when I have a new consultant it takes me less than one minute to addContinue Reading

A peek at my new consultant postcard campaign

I’ll be showing you some great examples of card campaigns you can use for your team, your customers, and your leads.  Obviously you can do this with any direct sales business but in my case my cards will refer to my skin care biz. Here’s a peek at what I send my new consultants.  IContinue Reading