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How To Use SOC for your Direct Sales Business

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Announcement time!

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Staying Connected With Your Team

I LOVE this article from Julie Anne Jones.  For years I’ve been messing around with different concepts in my mind and on paper—- dividing my unit up into As, Bs, and Cs, setting up a calendar girl program (where each working gal has certain dates on my calendar for me to check in with them),Continue Reading

Sample Of The Month Club

Are you in a direct sales company that offers samples?  Here’s a fun idea for you which helps to build a sense of community with your clients.  It keeps your name and business at the top of their minds each month. Choose your twenty, fifty, or a hundred most loyal reordering clients (depending on howContinue Reading

Why You Should Follow-Up with Customers and Prospects

One of the keys to sales success involves following a regular, continuous follow-up procedure. Some customers who fail to call you back still want what you sell. But, they sometimes get too busy for returning phone calls and emails. If you establish a regular plan for following up with your prospects and customers, you becomeContinue Reading

Does Your Company Have Heart? Soul?

I’m reading Heart & Soul: Five American Companies That Are Making the World A Better Place Obviously as a niche marketer for my secondary business in “direct sales relationship marketing”, my concern is relationships first, marketing second.  People first, business second.  It’s interesting to read stories of entire companies who take that philosophy to heartContinue Reading

Using cards to promote other businesses

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been showing you different ways to use cards to promote your direct sales businesses.  New consultant postcard campaigns, birthday campaigns, customer thank you cards and reminder cards….. But what if you’re interested in joining the card biz, not as a customer, but as a fellow distributor?  Many of my downline membersContinue Reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Sachets

Last night I screwed up with my autoresponder system and accidentally sent an email that was only supposed to go out to my primary direct sales business’ team and unit to my entire ezine list.  OOPS!  I double checked that it was going out to the list I had selected, then clicked the send buttonContinue Reading

Case Study #1

My new friend Lee owns a chain of weight loss clinics and has been handwriting over 100 postcards a week.  Her nearest post office is miles away.  I signed her up as a new distributor with our system and now she can upload before and after photos of her clients to her cards.  She canContinue Reading

Three Ways To Build Relationships Outside of Social Media

I really liked this post from Christine Gallagher’s blog.  Enjoy! So many newbies to social media do one of the three, but not all three.  I’m working on committing to all three and I’m happy with the community I’m growing via my ezine and my blog readership. TweetContinue Reading