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To The Direct Sales Pro Dropping Postcards At The Bleachers At Her Kid’s Soccer Game….

Did the subject line get your attention? I’m talking to YOU.  You’re in the top 10%, 5%, or even 2% of your direct sales company. You KNOW the importance of following up with your hostesses, guests, consultants, prospective clients, prospective consultants, friends, and family. You have a system for sending multiple postcards each week andContinue Reading

Top Five Reasons For Using Send Out Cards in Your Direct Sales Business

Here are the top five reasons to use Send Out Cards in your direct sales business.  Ready to try a card for free?  Go to 1) Birthdays.  Your team members and clients will be so happy you’ve remembered their special day with an actual card- not an ecard, but a card in the mail.  Continue Reading

Branded Video Email Template Example: Send Out Cards

This is an example of a branded video email template for a Send Out Cards business.  To join me in sending out awesome video emails, visit TweetContinue Reading


Cards, card campaigns (and now I’ve added video email to the mix) to thank customers. Cards (and etc.) to welcome new team members. Cards to remind customers of upcoming appointments. Cards to invite guests to parties. There are plenty of practical reasons to ask me about the services I provide through and InContinue Reading

How To Use SOC for your Direct Sales Business

TweetContinue Reading

What Happens After You Click Send?

Just had a great convo with one of my awesome downline members about how best to use our card sending system for her purposes and get her subscriptions and downline building. Don’t let your points build up— USE them! Card campaigns to new customers in your primary biz—- card campaigns to new team members… birthdayContinue Reading

Case Study #1

My new friend Lee owns a chain of weight loss clinics and has been handwriting over 100 postcards a week.  Her nearest post office is miles away.  I signed her up as a new distributor with our system and now she can upload before and after photos of her clients to her cards.  She canContinue Reading

Opportunity Cards

ok….. I’ve showed you my birthday card campaign, my new consultant card campaign…… you already know how easy it is to log into the system, choose a card (or upload a photo, or now you can upload a montage of photos or a full bleed photo), type a message, choose a gift if you’d like,Continue Reading

HUGE changes for the better!

I love it when a good system gets even better!  Granted, as Send Out Cards is my second business and I’ve been concentrating my efforts more on my kids and my primary business, I was just as clueless as my potential new distributor on our phone appointment last night (I sent her a card todayContinue Reading

I’m in Direct Sales: Why Do I Need To Send Cards?

So I’ve showed you a video showing you how to send a card campaign.  I’ve showed you my new consultant card campaign and my birthday card campaign.  Perhaps you’re a direct seller who is still not sure that an online card sending system would be a good investment for you.  What are some reasons youContinue Reading