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Product Review

I love this product review that Chris Carroll of Two Classy Chics did! Read on! Thanks so much Chris and I’m glad you enjoyed trying SOC! ————————————— Send Out Cards is a unique company in the marketplace. One of the things that people looking at direct sales companies thinks about is the amount of inventoryContinue Reading

More New Consultant Postcards

ok you’ve seen the first two postcards I send when a new consultant joins my unit.  Here are the rest. As a reminder, I set up the campaign ONCE– I chose the cards, typed the text, saved the campaign— and when I have a new consultant it takes me less than one minute to addContinue Reading

The power of SOC and postcalls together

I just sent over 50 cards to a group of potential clients. That took 5 minutes. Then I sent a call out to the 18 ladies from that group for whom I had phone numbers. That took 2 minutes. In 7 minutes I’ve reached out to over 50 ladies with a card and a followContinue Reading


Aside from Send Out Cards (if you haven’t tried it for free yet, you MUST! It’s your offline autoresponder!)….. I have another great idea for your direct sales business. Postcalls. I might be slow on the uptake since I really haven’t used it until now, but oh wow what a timesaver! You can upload listsContinue Reading

The Importance Of Staying In Touch

The Importance of Staying In Touch ok, click on that link above and then click the link again on the next page and you’ll be able to download– yay! Bear with me gang, I’m attempting to upload my very first teleseminar!  Thank you all so much for your patience as I learn blogging, hire someoneContinue Reading

Teleseminar at 11:00 EST today

In half an hour, if you are available, please call in.  I will be giving a teleseminar for the International Association of Entrepreneurs (led by the fabulous Donna Amos).  The call in number is 605-475-6190 and the access code is 443728#. Have you ever lost a client because you’ve dropped the ball on keeping inContinue Reading

Thinking of joining Send Out Cards? Check out these stats…

This is from my upline, Chuck Pousson… I thought these stats were interesting! Thank you for reading! Here’s Why 2009 Is Extremely Important For You If You Are Considering Joining Send Out Cards? Send Out Cards is still in its infancy. We believe that this is the year that this company will begin to emergeContinue Reading

The power of reconnecting with old friends

We’ll discuss the power of connecting with NEW friends and how easy and fun that is, but for a moment, let’s look at the power of reconnecting with people from our past. Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace, and the like all have the ability to link you to those people you haven’t even thought about in years.Continue Reading

Send Your Holiday Cards CAMPAIGN style!

Do you have 800 customers and 100 unit members? 1000 customers and 200 unit members? Or maybe you’re newer in direct sales and have 100 customers and 5 team members. The numbers are overwhelming even when you’re newer and it seems impossible to send EACH of your direct sales contacts a holiday card, right? Nope.Continue Reading

What IS a card campaign?

Some of you are thinking “I’m in direct sales and sure, I send birthday cards to my customers, but what’s a card CAMPAIGN?”. A card campaign is a card OR a timed series of cards (card 1 gets sent on day 1, card 2 gets sent on day 14, card 3 gets sent on dayContinue Reading