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Why Permanent Makeup Is a Bad Idea

“Call permanent cosmetic tattooing whatever you choose, micropigmentation, derma implantation, semi-permanent, permanent makeup, and whatever other fancy words you wish; it’s a tattoo.” says, a school of permanent cosmetics. Permanent makeup options include eyebrows, eyeliner, full lip color and lip liner, for instance. Here are a few reasons I suggest you should not pursue permanent makeup.  Continue Reading

Is Lead In Lipstick a Health Hazard?

Most posts on this (newer) blog are about direct sales, card campaigns and video emails to help promote your direct sales business, and other out of the box direct sales marketing ideas. However, I’ll be saying goodbye to my skin care blog soon and would love to save some of the better and more popularContinue Reading

Sample Of The Month Club

Are you in a direct sales company that offers samples?  Here’s a fun idea for you which helps to build a sense of community with your clients.  It keeps your name and business at the top of their minds each month. Choose your twenty, fifty, or a hundred most loyal reordering clients (depending on howContinue Reading

Skin Care and Color Cosmetics- TIPS!

This blog is mainly all about my second business with Send Out Cards– building relationships in direct sales. My main business is about skin care and color cosmetics— are you interested in learning more about my main biz? I started a second blog today- come check it out! It’s not fancy (yet) like this blog,Continue Reading