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Organizing Your Contacts on Social Media

Organizing your social media contacts is crucial for direct sales/ network marketing success if you are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook to communicate with your prospects. I first discovered the beauty of listing through twitter.  I’ve created various lists so that I can filter the twitter noise and read the posts from theContinue Reading

Setting Up and Managing Social Media Accounts

I LOVE this article from VA Sophie Vollman.  Sophie is great about posting VA tips and articles about how your VA can help you and I am personally using these tips with my VAs.  I now have two VAs— one who is my jack of all trades (she put together my recruiting and new consultantContinue Reading

What I Had For Lunch

Did I get your attention?  I’m not really going to write about what I had for lunch, but in case you’re wondering, I made potato pancakes (from a mix) and served it to myself and my kids with applesauce.  It was yummy. Yes— from twitter you can learn what your friends had for lunch.  ToContinue Reading

Twitter Tips

I’ve had a lot of friends and acquaintances ask me lately about twitter. How do I make money from twitter? What’s it all about? What do you talk about and how do you know who to follow? So I thought I’d throw some info out there for you twitter newbies. Be sure to follow meContinue Reading