Direct Sales and Business Blogging

I love this post from Shelly Hill! Thank you Shelly!
I am often asked if its necessary to have a blog if you are in Direct Sales and my answers is this…if you are looking to build a Direct Sales business online…then yes. If you are only looking to market your business offline, well then, you don’t need an online business blog.

Often times a Direct Sales consultant will start a business blog and then shortly after they abandon it or they just copy and paste a lot of corporate information onto it. Seriously…this is the wrong thing to do. It takes a lot of time and hard work to build up a blog following and millions of people will not flock to your blog over night…it takes months to build up a good traffic stream to your blog.

The next thing I would like to discuss is blog content. If you have a Direct Sales blog, then your blog needs to be content rich, meaning…less sales ads and more helpful information that your readers will want to read and to keep them coming back to more.

Way too often I see consultants make the mistake of loading up their blogs with sales pitches, sales ads & specials, banners, buttons, graphics of their products and other things that will drive a reader away. When people visit a blog they want to READ content. This content should be in the form of helpful tips, indepth product information, how to use such and such product and things of this nature. They don’t need to see ‘in your face’ spam ads!

If you are considering starting a blog or if you already have a blog, I suggest you visit some other Direct Seller blogs that are successful to see the type of content they are posting on their blogs to help guide you down the correct path to Direct Sales blogging.

Remember…it’s all about good information and helpful content and less about what you have on sale that week.

~ Shelly ~

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