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Deb Bixler presents the Speakers In The Park, a direct sales success training series bringing motivational success stories to direct selling reps, including the 100 million voices project.

The Speakers In The Park direct sales marketing training is an annual event sponsored by the CreateACashFlowShow sales and marketing resource center.  The Summer motivational series is a line up of “not your everyday speakers”.  The event is a take on the “concert in the park” that we all know and love.  Grab your lawn chairs and cell phone and head over to your local park to dial in for some super, sensational Summer home business training. Speakers In The Park provides Summer education for direct sellers who want to keep the business growing even in the sometimes slow Summer months.

Direct Sales Motivational Speakers

Founder of the Speakers In The Park, Deb Bixler, is proud of the fact that the series features direct sales motivational speakers who are “outside of the box” when it comes to direct sales training.  These are not the speakers that you will find on the regular direct selling training circuit.  The annual event always includes a couple of “headliners” such as this year’s party plan expert, Mary Christensen and the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance co-founder, Grace Keohohou.  In addition the motivational training line up includes industry and business related topics presented by success stories outside of the direct selling industry.

100 Million Voices Project, 2010

The first speaker in the series last week was Keeper Catran-Whitney, founder of Direct Selling Live and sponsor of the 100 Million Voices Project 2010.  The 100 Million Voices Project 2010 is a massive global outreach project for the network marketing and direct selling industry. The project is collecting stories that tell the experiences of millions people from around the world who have been impacted by the industry.  Since 1850 when the Southwestern Company became the first company on record as a direct selling company tens of millions of people from around the world have come in contact with the network marketing and direct selling industry. The 100 Million Voice Project 2010 is gathering and posting these stories for a historical record.  The first call was interesting and exciting as Keeper shared some of the stories gathered so far.

Direct Selling Success

Other speakers presenting on the panel for the 2010 Speakers In The Park series include business success stories from related industries.  From a financial expert, an email marketing specialist, a motivational speaker/hypnotist and a network marketing success story, the topics cover a wide variety of topics and will appeal to all sales consultants in every home business model. Check out the entire line up at or contact Deb, Keeper or the other speakers:

Deb Bixler, Direct Sales Success Training

Deb Bixler says “People never fail, only systems fail!  If you are not getting the results you want, then get a new system!” Deb is a direct sales marketing and party plan success trainer who focuses on systems and best business practices that will create consistent cash flow in any direct sales or party plan business.  Her presentation for the Speakers In The Park is in mid-July.

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