Well, the universe is trying to tell me to be more disciplined.

Discipline is Christine Gallagher’s theme for 2011.

Discipline is one of Jennifer Fong’s three themes for 2011.

I do a lot of things very well and reasonably consistently.  And then life gets in the way and I make excuses for myself.  Well, most people with two special needs kids are stay at home moms, so how am I supposed not only to run my businesses daily but make a full time income from doing so?  I deserve a day off!  And then the other part of me starts screaming— YOU CAN DO IT, OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT!  Lots of people with more challenges than you take on a whole lot more than you do.  So STOP IT!

I have two special needs children.

I make a full time income in part time hours.

We’re probably moving this summer.

My mother in law is in the hospital.

I’m attempting to work on potty training.

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit stressed out lately.  This is not to play the “I have more going on than you do” game.  This is to show you that regardless of WHAT is happening in your life, YOU can make time for your direct sales business so that it can make MONEY for you.  Take care of your business in the little snippets of time you can find so that your business can take care of YOU when you can’t even find those snippets.  For MONTHS in 2006 I was on strict bedrest with my twin pregnancy and couldn’t even get dressed or get out of bed, let alone teach skin care classes or hold recruiting appointments.  Regardless, I continued to receive a monthly commission check.  That kind of income comes from disciplined action over time, as well as from consistency.

Are you disciplined with your direct sales business?  What can you do to place more discipline upon yourself and your business this year?

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