Easy Money

Most of what I do — the skin care biz, the greeting card biz, the social media work…..  they’re all GREAT work at home opportunities, but they all take a certain amount of time, energy, and commitment.  Those are my “real” businesses.  But when it’s midnight and my brain is fried and I want to be doing SOMETHING income producing,  I work my CTP training. I consider it a hobby. I click emails for pennies per email and I recruit others to do the same.  The more people I recruit, the more I earn– it’s that simple.  Everytime my income is at a level to pay a bill I request a payout.  For instance, this week, as I write this, I got a payout of $25 from Hits4Pay and $50 in amazon gift cards from mypoints. I surf traffic exchanges. I learn about affiliate marketing.

With a decent number of people under you all clicking daily and surfing exchanges on your teams, it can be a nice side income.  Give it a try!  I only make hundreds because I focus more on my other businesses, but I have friends doing this making thousands!

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