Get Your Listbuilding Strategies in Place

How to Build Your Platform, Communicate Your Message and Expand Your List with Something as Simple as a Blog

Most entrepreneurs I know would love to communicate their message with their target market AND grow their list so they can continue to market to them. But many times we’re stuck figuring out HOW exactly to do this.

Kim DeYoung just let me know about an exciting new webinar she’s hosting. She will be sharing her favorite techniques along with easy-to-follow handouts that helped her create a high-traffic blog and increase her list by 600% in one year! That’s information I want to have!

So, I hope you join me this Tuesday December 15th for Kim’s Action Call – Quick & Easy Guide for Entrepreneurs: How to Use a Blog to Build an Effective Internet Presence. Please click my affiliate link for more details.

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!

Heather Price

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