Get Your Virtual Party On!

Direct Sellers:  Frustrated with your online party results?

I just heard some really exciting news and wanted to share
it with you. You may know who Julie Anne Jones and Nancy Golya are
from their individual businesses. They're committed to supporting
direct sellers with great training. Together, they have combined over 25
years of direct sales experience. Well, they're launching a new
business together called Your Inside Circle, designed to support
direct sellers with leading edge training. They'll be offering
incredible content to direct sellers through many projects.

There's more great news. One of their first collaborations is
an awesome VIRTUAL PARTY!

Get Signed Up Now:

Here's what you'll learn:

The single most important thing you MUST do in order to create
excitement about your Facebook event and get people to respond to
the invitation

The biggest mistake most representatives make when it comes to
working with the host of your online event and how to avoid it
Exactly what to do to help your host make her online party super

How to host an actual, live online event that people are excited
about attending and that encourages engagement from your guests and
host(which increases your results)

Simple ways you can use the web to actually host your online event,
adding an audio or even a visual video component to the party.

Two simple tips for using stellar follow up to leverage the leads
from your party and ramp up your business results once the party is

Here's the best part (and the reason I'm sharing it with
you)'s absolutely FREE!

The webinar will take place on Monday, August 12th 8:00 pm ET

Even if you can't attend live, be sure to signup for the
webinar in order to receive the replay link!

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