Cards, card campaigns (and now I’ve added video email to the mix) to thank customers. Cards (and etc.) to welcome new team members. Cards to remind customers of upcoming appointments. Cards to invite guests to parties. There are plenty of practical reasons to ask me about the services I provide through and In previous blog posts, I’ve shown you card campaigns you can use with new team members, card campaigns you can use for customer birthdays, and more.

But what if instead of looking at these opportunities as a way to communicate with your downline and clients and as a way to promote your business, you look at these opportunities for the next thirty days, and in general, as a way to reach out to those who have touched your life in some way and let them know you appreciate them?

There are so many ways to send a thank you card. Do you know someone in the military? A nurse or doctor who has helped heal a family member? Ask your children— do they have a special teacher they appreciate? The mom of a friend? You can send a simple thank you card. You can include graphics. You can include a poem. You can include a gift card. You can include a box of brownies. Picture the smile on the faces of the lives you touch as you reach out with an attitude of gratitude.

Our goal is to have 10,000,000 people around the world taking this Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge. To participate, you need to have an account with (send a free card first to try the system). Each card will cost you as little as thirty one cents plus postage. Once you’ve sent your free card I’ll give you a call and see which type of account will work best for your needs, and show you the easiest, most fun way to send your challenge cards. You can be part of something amazing. Join us today!

Keep in touch with me daily via email or facebook and tell me about the people to whom you’re sending your cards. I want to know more about the people to whom you’re showing gratitude!

Learn more at and

English: I took this picture myself.

English: I took this picture myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heather Price is a direct sales relationship marketing expert in Cleveland, OH. Have you ever lost a client because you’ve dropped the ball on keeping in touch and didn’t follow through? It’s so frustrating- what if there was a system that did that for you? Have you ever wished you had someone to print your marketing materials, stuff envelopes, address them and mail them for you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click one button and include a gift too? That’s what Heather does- She sets you up with a system that does just that…. plus it reminds you when birthdays are coming up. The result is better retention and increased referrals from your clients, a more streamlined marketing system, and you’ll never again forget a birthday. You will feel much more organized and accomplished when you can send 700 holiday cards in five minutes. Try the system for free by calling her: 216-870-3142. Just say you want two free greeting cards! Interested in skin care or color cosmetics? Check out her other blog at

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11 Responses to Gratitude

  1. denny hagel says:

    I love giving and receiving cards…great idea to use them in business as well! Thanks!

  2. Becky Fisher says:

    Great article, Heather! I always remember the businesses that send me a thank you card — they get repeat business!

  3. I enjoy giving cards and receiving them as well. I received one this week and it really brightened up my day! Great for business as well! Thanks for sharing this article, Heather!

  4. Kim Garst says:

    I am really enjoying the SOC platform! Thanks for highlighting how amazing it is to actually get a real card these days 😉

  5. I love getting cards! I have kept them all since my 13th birthday!

  6. i think everyone gets a thrill when they receive a personal card–great idea for businesses

  7. Lorii Abela says:

    I also love getting cards as well as sending some. Thanks for sharing the idea on using it in business.

  8. No question everyone loves the cards, more so the thought that went along with picking or writing it, and sending it. It is always an expression of appreciation.

  9. Beth Heilman says:

    Love getting cards and keeping them as a reminder of a special occasion or the person who sent it. They’re such a great way to show the people in your life, both personal and professional, that you’re thinking of them.

  10. Great post Heather! I love getting and sending cards, more now than ever, because I know how easy it is to send an email instead. Thanks for sharing.

  11. As a mixed media artist that concentrates in paper….I make cards all the time. I think they go a long way in making someone feel special. :)

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