Greeting Card Business

Are you looking for a work from home opportunity that you can work around your family’s schedule?

Imagine creating a business where you express appreciation and gratitude through Sending Out Cards and sharing an online Card and Gift business.

Imagine a service where you can log into the online service, select a greeting card (a real card, not an e-card!) from well over 10,000 in stock, or upload a photo and create a custom card, add a personalized greeting and signature, click submit and your card will be printed on high quality card stock, stuffed in an envelope and shipped for about $1.

What? A buck for a card, with a real stamp on it? Yes, that is what we offer!

You can attach a gift to any card you send— imagine being on the phone with someone who’s telling you about her new baby. Instead of getting off the phone with her, going to the mall to purchase a gift and then going to the post office to mail the gift, you simply log into the system, and send a card with an attached gift from our gift catalog.

You make money simply by sharing the system with others. Some of your clients will be customers, using the system for their own personal use or, if they are business owners, to keep in touch with their clients with thank you cards, appointment reminder cards, and birthday gifts. Some of the people you speak with will want to partner with you and make money by sharing the system with others; they will sign up as marketing distributors. You will earn a commission from your clients and from your marketing distributors.

Request information about working with me here. I will contact you within two business days and take you step by step through the process of getting started: