Happy 2013!

This is my business blog and I don’t share a lot of personal issues here, but today I will, just a tad.

2012 was a rough year for me and my family, personally. My mother in law had serious health issues which bounced her from hospital to nursing home back and forth and back and forth. Currently she’s stable and in what she lovingly calls a “rehab facility”. The hope is that she will be able to live at home again and come to visit us here in Cleveland— she wants to see her grandchildren! (They live in North Carolina).

Both of my twins (turning six this week!) have autism. One also has extremely severe adhd and some medical issues (hypotonia and some bowel stuff we’re trying to figure out). Their autism isn’t severe enough to get them bounced by the school district to a special school, nor are they neurotypical enough to be toilet trained on time (yes I have a six year old soiling herself multiple times per day!) or be able to function without major doses of medications. One twin got “kicked out” of her mainstream classroom but isn’t special ed “enough” to qualify to be put in a self contained group, so her IEP was completely reconfigured and her schedule was re-arranged so that the school would bend over backwards to meet her where she is and service her in the best way they can. This year I’ve partnered with three agencies to get them the help they’ve needed and each of these agencies takes hours of phone calls, emails, meetings, and paperwork from me. Just yesterday, for example, I photocopied over 200 pages of paperwork and went to the post office to mail packets to two different locations— everyone wants a copy of the IEP… and the ETR… and the diagnosis paperwork….. times two. We’re seeing a new developmental pediatrician this month and that takes hours of preparation. We’re applying and re-applying, and re-applying with a lawyer’s help, for SSI for the twins. In addition, after kindergarten, I drive them to behavior therapy every Wednesday, speech therapy every Thursday, psychiatry whenever I can get an appointment (the med changes are a whole ‘nother blog post!)…….

My businesses have been on the back burner for far too long. I had given serious consideration this year to dropping all of my business activities and figuring out how to afford (financially) to be a STAY at home mom, rather than a WORK at home mom. We simply cannot afford it. My husband LOVES what he does, but is drastically underpaid. So 2013 is the year in which I find balance between my home life and my business life. I’m ready now.

I have a chronic health condition whose symptoms and relapses are brought on by stress. I had a relapse recently — my fourth episode in the past twelve years. I need to figure out how to put myself and my family first, while making a full time income in part time hours, while being the advocate my children need. Watch this blog for the changes I will be making.

Thank you, my readers, for being my cheerleaders and for encouraging me in every way!

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