How To Use Direct Mail to Connect With Potential Customers

Direct mail, an effective tool for finding potential customers you would not otherwise reach, connects you with prospects on a personal level. By sending postcards, flyers or letters to non-customers in your geographic target area, you make prospects aware of your products and services and attempt to elicit their contacting you. Generate new sales inexpensively by direct mail campaigns.

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Mailing Lists

Companies who specialize in direct mail assist you in selecting an address list which targets your specific market. You know your business best. Who buys what you have to sell? The list you buy should only include people who are prospects for your products and services. If you were a roofing company, would you send direct mail to people who live in apartments? Of course not. So, choose an address list that matches your best-customer characteristics.


You can choose whether to hire a professional designer for the creation of the piece you plan to direct mail or whether you feel you have the skills to create an effective piece yourself. A professional designer assists you in creating a piece which connects with your prospect on the emotional level. Customize the offer to your prospect list and get to point quickly. To be a viable investment, the prospect’s desire for what you offer in your direct mail campaign must be strong enough to elicit a response. Make announcements, offer coupons and inform your prospects of sales promotions that would interest them. Make a concrete call to action in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Tell the customer exactly how to respond (call, log in, or mail back a post card, for instance). It will increase your response rate.


Doing the mailing yourself is an option. But, a mailing service can sometimes offer you discounted bulk mailing rates and knows the most cost-effective options for direct mail campaigns. Your local post office is happy to make suggestions and explain various direct mail options to you if you wish to handle the mailing yourself. You must understand any special handling requirements for your direct mail campaign to assure you are in compliance with post service requirements.

Repeated Mailings

The best direct mail results come from mailing repeated campaigns over a period of time. You are more likely to acquaint them with your services and illicit a response with slow and steady reminders that you stand ready to serve their needs. Divide your direct mail budget between several campaigns over a given period of time. Then notice which offers gave you good results so you can customize future offers which maximize your new customer connections.


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