What I Had For Lunch

Did I get your attention?  I’m not really going to write about what I had for lunch, but in case you’re wondering, I made potato pancakes (from a mix) and served it to myself and my kids with applesauce.  It was yummy.

Yes— from twitter you can learn what your friends had for lunch.  To many, that’s the entire twitter experience.  If you feel like twitter is simply facebook’s ugly step-brother, then please read on!

Many people have been asking me lately why I use twitter.  How does it help my direct sales business?  What do I tweet about?  Have I really met new customers via twitter?  The answers are YES, see below, and YES. 

To begin with, here is a great article from Jessica Swanson which will help you answer that second question.  Be sure to read the end where I tell you about Jessica’s new program— you’ll want to invest in this: trust me!  I’m not a twitter newbie, but I purchased it myself and highly recommend it.  I think her program is bound to help newbies and experienced tweeters alike.  In future posts, I’ll show you how I’ve gained new customers and team members via twitter!

50 Tweetable Ideas
by Jessica Swanson
One of the main questions from small business owners regarding Twitter is, “What in the world do I Tweet about?”
You understand that millions of your prospects are on Twitter, you realize that your Tweets should be valuable and educational, but you’re just not sure what to send out to your followers through your Twitter stream.
Here are 50 Tweetable ideas tailor-made for the small business owner:
1) Share a relevant quote from your industry.
2) Link to your blog post.
3) Link to someone else’s blog post.
4) Share a link to a video at: http://www.TwitVid.com
5) Share industry tips.
6) Ask questions.
7) Answer questions.
8) Share a cool, new tool that you just discovered.
9) Start a new # discussion within your industry.
10) Join a # discussion within your industry.
11) Re-tweet relevant tweets that your followers will enjoy.
12) Share a picture at: http://www.TwitPic.com
13) Link to one of your published articles.
14) Link to someone else’s published article.
15) Share a link to one of your recent press releases.
16) Post updates while attending a conference.
17) Share a link to your podcast.
18) Let your followers know about an upcoming interview.
19) Brag about your favorite clients and customers.
20) Ask for help solving a problem.
21) Share a link to your online radio show.
22) Create informal mastermind groups at: http://grouptweet.com
23) Generate quick polls at: http://www.TweetPoll.com
24) Give away free stuff (ebooks, reports, audios, etc.)
25) Review a product pertinent to your industry.
26) Review a book relevant to your industry.
27) Set up a #TweetUp to meet your twitter friends in-person.
28) Offer great customer service.
29) Find Joint Venture partners.
30) Brag about a job well done by another company or individual.
31) Provide your expert opinion.
32) Tweet out your eZine.
33) Promote your live event.
34) Promote your virtual event http://www.Tweetvite.com
35) Showcase your work.
36) Promote your new product or ebook.
37) Host a contest.
38) Build relationships with bloggers.
39) Build relationships with PR people.
40) Share a link to your Hubpage: www.Hubpages.com
41)  Share a link to your Squidoo lens: www.Squidoo.com
42) Announce the upcoming launch of a new product or service.
43) Redistribute content.
44) Share a link to a powerpoint presentation on www.SlideShare.com
45) Take questions from the audience whenever you participate in a teleseminar or conference.
46) Form a group for your customers and clients at: http://grouptweet.com

47) Tell an industry joke.
48) Rant about something not done well in your industry.
49) Solve a problem that your target market is facing.
50) Toot your own horn. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Jessica Swanson, Founder and President of Shoestring Marketing, Inc., has helped entrepreneurs, all over the world, explode their businesses using cutting-edge, proven and completely free marketing strategies. To receive your FREE Shoestring Marketing Kit, that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, just like you, learn the exact techniques for marketing their businesses for no-cost, visit:  www.ShoestringMarketingKit.com


I know there were a few of you asking questions about twitter.  Jessica Swanson, the Shoestring Marketer, just came out with an awesome twitter program that’s good for newbies AND experienced tweeters.  I purchased mine this morning and wanted to recommend it to those of you looking to learn more about twitter.  There is a free 70 minute webinar to view and then you can decide whether you want to purchase the 90 minute webinar (a much more in depth treatment) and all the associated goodies.  Here’s the link!


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