I recommend Aweber


Need a way to connect via email to a group of clients, followers or readers?  You’ll want aweber.  If you’re in direct sales and using only your company’s website to push emails to your clients, what happens on the day your company closes?  Far too many direct sales companies are closing lately (of course I don’t expect mine will!  But I use aweber for more than just my Mary Kay business.  I promote my social media business, my Send Out Cards affiliate link, etc.)

You want to keep your emails.  AND you want to keep them away from your personal email program such as gmail, which has limits on how many people you can email at once and how easy and automatic it is for your people to add and subtract themselves from your list.  Click above and give aweber a free trial and I think you’ll be happy you did!  Questions?  Email me at heatheramyprice@gmail.com