I’m in Direct Sales: Why Do I Need To Send Cards?

So I’ve showed you a video showing you how to send a card campaign.  I’ve showed you my new consultant card campaign and my birthday card campaign.  Perhaps you’re a direct seller who is still not sure that an online card sending system would be a good investment for you.  What are some reasons you would use a system like this?

  • From your computer, send a real card
  • Customized how you want
  • In your own handwriting
  • With your signature
  • In a real envelope
  • With a real stamp (no metered postage)
  • Mailed to your hostesses and customers for you
    • Personalized guest invitations
    • Hostess thank yous
    • Guest thank yous
    • Hostess reminders – please get me your guest list, etc
    • Reorder reminders
    • New Product Launch
    • Birthdays
    • New consultant campaign
    • Seasoned consultant campaign– to your team members who have been around a while

    The best part about this system for direct sales professionals  is the price per mailing! The cost for printing the high quality full color pieces range from 31 cents for a postcard to less than $1 for a customized photo greeting card. Call me today to give the system a try for FREE!  216-870-3142.

    Heather Price is a direct sales relationship marketing expert in Cleveland, OH. Have you ever lost a client because you’ve dropped the ball on keeping in touch and didn’t follow through? It’s so frustrating- what if there was a system that did that for you? Have you ever wished you had someone to print your marketing materials, stuff envelopes, address them and mail them for you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click one button and include a gift too? That’s what Heather does- She sets you up with a system that does just that…. plus it reminds you when birthdays are coming up. The result is better retention and increased referrals from your clients, a more streamlined marketing system, and you’ll never again forget a birthday. You will feel much more organized and accomplished when you can send 700 holiday cards in five minutes. Try Send Out Cards for free by calling me: 216-870-3142.

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    1. Deb Bixler says:

      Send Out cards are cool. I am always impressed when I get a card from some far off land!

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