Mindset: A Case Study

In direct sales and network marketing, a key element is mindset.  I’ve noticed that potential team members come to me with two very different mindsets.

One type of potential team member is struggling financially.  Perhaps that’s why she’s attracted to the opportunity in the first place.  If she’s not truly struggling financially, she feels she is.  She is terrified of spending $100 for a starter kit (which, by the way, contains over $300 of products to demonstrate) because she’s not sure she’ll make back that $100.  As we’re getting her started she’s telling me she’ll “try” to work the business and she’ll “see what happens”.  She’s protecting herself from being let down by her family and friends as she’s not willing to go outside her comfort zone and accept training on how to develop a real clientele outside of her warm market.  She accepts the help I start to give her, but she doesn’t take initiative to look through the starter kit materials on her own.  She doesn’t make the time to poke around our company website’s backoffice for product information and helpful documents.  If she invests in inventory, she thinks only about the credit card charge and doesn’t make a specific plan for paying back the card over the next twelve months.  Typically, she fizzles.  Perhaps she sells product to a few friends and family members, and perhaps it takes months or years for her to fizzle.  But when she hangs onto the scarcity mindset, she eventually de-activates, terminates, leaves the company, and claims that her family and friends just didn’t want to purchase the products.

The other type of potential team member may be making the exact same salary as our “scarcity mindset” example prospect.  She may have the same life situation– young children, a full time job, trouble paying the bills.  However, she is excited about investing the $100 because she believes in her ability to make many hundreds of dollars with her new business.  She doesn’t know that it will become a full time position or a career necessarily, but she knows that she’ll treat it as a part time business and that, certainly, she’ll be able to make more money than she invests.  She wants to learn how to service real customers outside of her warm market and eagerly asks me questions about how I connect with strangers.  Between our phone appointments, she’s reading the materials in her starter kit, and exploring our company’s backoffice.  She chooses an inventory package and puts together a financial plan to pay off the inventory package within the next twelve months using a percentage of her profits from her first year in business.  In her first year in business, she’s not necessarily quitting her job to work her business full time, but her business is producing an income, she’s developing a clientele outside of her warm market, and though she was uncertain at first about how she’d meet customers and how the business would work, she trusted her ability and the training skills of me, her recruiter, and our sales director.

Two women with the same life situation and the same initial fears and uncertainties about their new businesses.  Two women with very different mindsets.  A scarcity mindset— a how will I, how could I, this is scary type of mindset.  On the other hand, a find a way, make a way mindset— an I CAN, I WILL, this is new and exciting type of mindset.

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Version of an image of a credit card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met a woman online recently who truly inspires me.  Financial trouble is hitting her young family.  She’s working to get off of food stamps and government assistance, and she’s starting a new business.  Meanwhile, things keep happening— she’s working to find a part time career that won’t require the extra expense of a babysitter, so she takes an early morning paper route.  She’s EXCITED to bring her kids along— a family project!  As she’s building her business on the side, a debt from years ago catches up with her, wins a judgement, and clears her bank account.  Instead of posting online about how terrified she is to have zero in her bank account, a very demanding early morning paper route, and several young children, she posts about how thankful she is to have a roof over her head and a delicious homemade dinner.  She’s an inspiration to me, our mutual social media friends, and certainly her family.  Others in her situation might adopt a scarcity mindset, remain on government assistance, and certainly not even consider a paper route or a home business.  She is a find a way, make a way type of woman and I’m proud to be in her circle.

When you began your business, what was your mindset?  Has it grown and changed through the years?

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10 Responses to Mindset: A Case Study

  1. Carol Giambri says:

    Great post. A mindset of scarity can surely paralyze things. I saw that last week visiting my grandkids. My 7 year old is being raised by her parents forever saying “everything costs money.” Really not true as there are things that can be had without money and done without money too in an honest way. Great about your online friend who is working to turn her situation around.

  2. denny hagel says:

    Our mind set is the key to our success in every area of life…achieving a positive mindset may take some work but the rewards provide freedom to create the life you desire. Great article!

  3. Kim Hawkins says:

    Wow! Your blog post is so spot on. Mindset makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing your insights Heather.

  4. The power of the mind is truly AH-mazing! If you believe you can do something you will do it, but if you allow others to interfere and worse yet, allow negative thoughts to creep in..you are doomed. Thanks for sharing this great post:)

  5. No question mindset is everything. This was a great comparison of 2 different ones and the chain reaction our thoughts have on us.

  6. Edmund Lee says:

    Mindset is so very very important. I love the 2 examples that you shared and the differences between the 2 individuals.

    No matter what, there are going to be ups and downs when starting a business. In terms of my personal mindset, I have seen it evolve over the years as my level of maturity and level of experience have increased ten fold. It has been a very rewarding experience to not only experience the change firsthand, but to also have others around me recognize it as well.

  7. Ah, I know that person. She’s not in the group anymore though. You may want to let her know about this post!


  8. Becky Fisher says:

    My mantra is ‘failure is not an option’. It’s a decision I have to commit to every day — and the days I don’t? Well, nothing moves us ahead those days. Put the blinders on and GO :-)

  9. Obviously the mindset that matters everything. For starting a business we need a courageous mind.

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