More New Consultant Postcards

ok you’ve seen the first two postcards I send when a new consultant joins my unit.  Here are the rest.

As a reminder, I set up the campaign ONCE– I chose the cards, typed the text, saved the campaign— and when I have a new consultant it takes me less than one minute to add her into the database, choose the campaign, and click send.  The system prints the cards at the appropriate times, stamps them, addresses them, and sends them.  Like the infomercial says:  SET IT AND FORGET IT!  Could you use a system like this in your direct sales business?  Call me and I’ll get you set up.  216-870-3142.

I didn’t have to search high and low for the cards or even come up with the text.  I simply took a premade campaign someone else had made, transferred it to my account, and tweaked it for my own use.  Once you join Send Out Cards as a distributor, not only do you get to make money by sharing the opportunity with others, but you get access to LOTS of very professional card campaigns.  My niche happens to be direct sales, but I have access to campaigns for dentists, insurance agents, realtors…. whatever might be needed.

Here are weeks three, four, and six.  I give my new consultants a break from the postcards during week five.  :)  The name of my direct sales skin care company shows up everywhere you see a blank ___.  My company is strict about internet advertising and if I say the name of the company on a blog I could be pushing boundaries even if I’m not leading you to my company website.  But you’re always welcome to email or call me to find out more about that company.

Week three:

Dear First Name,

Life is like a roller coaster, and so are your emotions about your __ business. Did you know that most consultants go through a 4 phase swing many times during their __ careers? Not all the phases are positive ones so it is important for you to know how to work through them to keep yourself and your __ business thriving.

The first phase is excitement!
You’ve caught the vision of where you can go and what you can do for yourself and your family through our __ opportunity. You don’t know or understand just how it will all come about, but you just know that it will. Nothing can stand in your way of your pursuit of the __ dream-you’re ready to take on anything!

We get impatient with ourselves and our customers. We tell ourselves that nobody wants to book a show or buy __ products.

Then comes phase three-the crisis point. Do you throw in a towel and shoot holes in your beauty case, or do you get positive and work it through? Do you tell yourself that unit meetings are where you need to be to get your act together? As hard as it may be to push yourself to a unit meeting, it’s the best thing for you and your business right now. You’ll actually be glad you went!

The last phase is recommitment. You’ve made it! You’ve recovered from a situation and you are stronger for it. You’ve recaptured your dream, you’re excited again, and ready for the next obstacle. Each time you slip into frustration phase, your trip back to excitement gets quicker and quicker because you know the way!

Dream big!
Heather Price

Week Four:


Hi First Name!

The seeds you plant in the hearts and minds of others will be what you receive in return – 100 fold. Only sow that which you wish to receive in return. Sow good, receive good! Plant seeds daily in your __ business and your __ business will return to you. ~ our company founder

Heather Price

Week Six:


Hi First Name!

Shoot for the moon & you’ll land among the stars. Start writing your own success today! Set your goals and hang on to them until they are reality. You’ve got to believe it before you will ever see it. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!
I am here for you every step of the way!

Action: have you been to your local unit meeting?  Have you brought a guest?  If you’re interested in recruiting, have you scheduled your first 3 way interview with me yet?

Heather 216-870-3142

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