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Hello and welcome and I look forward to networking with you!  My name is Heather and I’m a mom of three year old twins.  This blog is all about direct sales and relationship marketing.  I share various card campaigns with you and help you realize the importance and ease of communicating with your customers and consultants via snail mail in the age of email marketing.  You can click on the topic which interests you on the left side of the page and read what I’ve written about that topic.  Also, please be sure to sign up in the upper right hand corner for my email list -you’ll get my ezine which comes out every other week—  the ezine has excerpts from both my blogs, a spotlight on someone wonderful you should know, and information about programs and products I recommend.  Finally, I’m offering free phone consultations about your direct sales business if you need help with your marketing.  If that interests you, email me at heatheramyprice (at) gmail (dot) com!  And have you seen my other blog at ?

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  1. lisa Young says:

    Love your blog page!

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