Organizing Your Contacts on Social Media

Organizing your social media contacts is crucial for direct sales/ network marketing success if you are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook to communicate with your prospects.

I first discovered the beauty of listing through twitter.  I’ve created various lists so that I can filter the twitter noise and read the posts from the people about whom I truly care.  I also created a list of various vendors/coaches for my particular direct sales business.  I created a list of “facebook friends”.  If I’m following you on twitter AND you’re my facebook friend, you mean something to me and I don’t want to miss what you have to say.  But what’s really handy dandy about twitter lists is that I can subscribe to other people’s lists.  I can follow the members of those lists as I have more following room.  (I’ll explain this in a future post about manageflitter).  Once I’ve followed everyone on a list that I wish to follow, I can choose to unsubscribe from the list or keep subscribing.  Twitter lists have kept me organized and focused on communicating with those with whom I have things to say.

Facebook has friend lists.  I’ve taken advantage of those, for certain, but more importantly I like their “interest lists” feature where you can add friends AND pages.  For instance, my kids both have autism.  On my “autism” list on facebook I can include pages representing various autism blogs I follow, but also friends I’ve met through facebook autism support groups.  (one by one, I communicate with those moms, who, generally speaking, need extra income— this helps me keep track of who is who.  When you have a large facebook friend list it’s hard to remember who you met through an autism group, who is in a mastermind group with you, who is your neighbor you just met….)


I have just recently learned that there is a way to segregate your LinkedIn contacts.  Go to contacts, connections, and you can add tags to each of your connections.  No contact on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin will fall through the cracks.  You’ll now be able, at a glance, to know how you’re connected with everyone.

And then there’s google plus.  I’m not yet an expert on google plus, but the one thing I AM excited about from the get-go is that you’re encouraged to circle your person as soon as you add them.  People who click me out of nowhere I circle in “acquaintances”.  But people who click me because they know me from a facebook group or a linkedin connection or a twitter conversation we’d been having…. I’m able to put them in the appropriate circle.  I’m encouraged to share to specific google plus circles as I post.  Genius!

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  1. Jill says:

    Great post Heather! I am still very much a novice when it comes to Twitter and LinkedIn~~ On both, but haven’t figured out how to USE the lists I set up!LOL

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