The Emotional Trauma of Troubled Skin

Most posts on this (newer) blog are about direct sales, card campaigns and video emails to help promote your direct sales business, and other out of the box direct sales marketing ideas. However, I said goodbye to my skin care blog  and would love to save some of the better and more popular posts, soContinue Reading

Sample Packs- Facial In A Bag

I’m looking through this blog and noting all of the out of the box marketing ideas for direct sellers. We’ve got Adopt A Grandma, Forum Marketing, Online Parties, Promotions in Local Businesses, Breast Cancer Awareness Sachets, Sample of the Month club….. I can’t believe I haven’t yet mentioned my most frequent go-to: Sample Packs! InContinue Reading

Skin Changes As We Age: Part Two

Thank you to Katherin at Skinway- here is part two of our aging skin series! The aging process has many factors included such as …. More exposure to sun light and UV rays which causes damage to skin at an earlier age Hereditary factors affect our skin Smoking stimulates a premature aging process causing cellContinue Reading

Lots and Lots of FREE training! Internet Marketing and Online $$$!

I have a wonderful email list from this blog (are you signed up yet?  Go to the right side of the page!).  I communicate with that list from time to time to share wonderful things in the skin care and direct sales world.  However, it doesn’t deliver daily email trainings.  I have a new listContinue Reading

Skin Changes As We Age

This article is from Katherin at – thank you Katherin! Life keeps changing and people too have changes which is reflected on our skin. Old age is referred to as “second childhood stage” Which means we prone to acquire the tender skin once again in our Human life cycle ,the older age. Our skinContinue Reading

Others Focused Marketing, Selling, and Team Building

I’ve been with my main business for thirteen years now.  In that time, I’ve learned that success comes primarily from being others focused.  When you’re more concerned with what your client or team member needs than with your own paycheck, that’s when your paycheck grows.  Isn’t that a wonderful career?  A business in which theContinue Reading

Sebborhea Versus Acne

Thank you to Paula Begoun for distinguishing between seborrhea and acne! From Paula….. Seborrhea is a skin disease of the sebaceous (oil) glands marked by an increased secretion of sebum (oil) or a thickened sebum discharge. It can resemble acne and blackheads. One of the differences between acne and seborrhea is that in seborrhea theContinue Reading

Teen Skin Care Q&A

I told my facebook friends that I was writing an article on teen skin care and when I got such great questions back from them and their teen daughters, I thought… why not just make this article a Q&A?  So without further adue, here are some great questions from teens about their skin. How doContinue Reading

Get Your Virtual Party On!

Direct Sellers: Frustrated with your online party results? I just heard some really exciting news and wanted to share it with you. You may know who Julie Anne Jones and Nancy Golya are from their individual businesses. They’re committed to supporting direct sellers with great training. Together, they have combined over 25 years of directContinue Reading

Top Five Reasons For Using Send Out Cards in Your Direct Sales Business

Here are the top five reasons to use Send Out Cards in your direct sales business.  Ready to try a card for free?  Go to 1) Birthdays.  Your team members and clients will be so happy you’ve remembered their special day with an actual card- not an ecard, but a card in the mail.  Continue Reading