Aside from Send Out Cards (if you haven’t tried it for free yet, you MUST! It’s your offline autoresponder!)….. I have another great idea for your direct sales business.

Postcalls. I might be slow on the uptake since I really haven’t used it until now, but oh wow what a timesaver! You can upload lists of leads or customers or team members into the postcalls system. Call a number to leave a message, and set that message to send to a whole group of people! So instead of calling each individual new neighbor from a list you purchased of new neighbor leads, you call the whole group. Those who are interested call YOU back! Five minutes as opposed to two hours! So what about those people who don’t call you back immediately but mean to, and they lose your number? Do the call, card, call method! Send the group a card campaign through your Send Out Cards account. On the day you send the card, do a postcalls message to let them know the card is coming with a special offer for them. THEN after they should have received the card, follow up with an individual phone call. By this time, you should have heard from those who see the name of your company and immediately know they want to work with you! We’ve all picked up “orphans”– people who love our product but lost their consultant. These cards and calls will swoop up those people! The follow up calls will remind those who saw the card or heard the message and meant to call you.

Have a great day everyone!

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