The power of SOC and postcalls together

I just sent over 50 cards to a group of potential clients. That took 5 minutes. Then I sent a call out to the 18 ladies from that group for whom I had phone numbers. That took 2 minutes. In 7 minutes I’ve reached out to over 50 ladies with a card and a follow up call. Now I just need to wait for them to return my calls! Of course, after a few days when I haven’t heard from some of them, I’ll call them individually– their kids could have erased the phone message or thrown away the card, or perhaps they were confused about the offer.

The key is having a follow up system. When I receive a group of leads, be it from a new neighbor system, a bridal show, or a survey, I immediately get those leads over to my virtual assistant. She imports the files into Send Out Cards and into Postcalls. Then it literally takes me 7 minutes to reach out to the group with an irresistable offer.

Could you use a system like this in your direct sales business? Call me- I’ll help you get started.

Heather Price

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