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English: “Acne begins in pilosebaceous units, which consist of sebaceous glands and a single hair follicle. The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most posts on this (newer) blog are about direct sales, card campaigns and video emails to help promote your direct sales business, and other out of the box direct sales marketing ideas. However, I’ll be saying goodbye to my skin care blog soon and would love to save some of the better and more popular posts, so one by one I’ll be putting them up on this blog because hey—- my main direct sales business IS all about skin care! And some of you are subscribing to my list not because you’re a direct seller but because perhaps you’re interested in skin care tips. (I post them at my fan page and on twitter with the hashtag #freeskincarehelp).  Here’s a skin care post for you!


A type of acne, blackheads are usually caused by excess oil. When the skin oils combine with toxins released from the body, the pores get clogged.   The pores allow sebum (the skin’s oily, protective substance secreted by the sebaceous glands) to reach the surface of the skin.  When skin is discarded and regenerated, the top layer of cells dies and naturally leaves while new cells are pushed to the surface.  When skin is not exfoliated efficiently, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface and block pores.  The sebum then does not pass through the pore to the surface of the skin.  When sebum accumulates in the pore, it causes a white head or a black head.  In a blackhead, the sebum and dead skin cells become oxidized.

Blackheads usually affect people with oily skin.  Having said that there are many conditions that can cause or worsen blackheads.  Improper skin care, hormones, and even genetics can be involved.

To take care of blackhead prone skin, you need to wash your face regularly, but NOT with soap- soap will dry your skin.  You’ll need to exfoliate daily, but with a GENTLE exfoliant.  At home microdermabrasion kits will simply exacerbate your problem.  Go to my website and join my email list and you can email me for my personal recommendations.  If you’re interested in a homemade remedy, there are those who recommend rice flour mixed with turmeric powder with honey or ground almonds and honey.  In my opinion, those mixtures will be a bit too harsh for dealing with blackhead prone skin.

Wiki Answers suggests trying a product like Ponds Pore strips. It’s an adhesive paper you moisten, apply to skin and let dry. When you peel it off, the blackheads come with it.  Again, in my opinion, this is VERY harsh for your facial skin.  Blackhead prone skin is sensitive. Think about peeling a bandaid quickly off your facial skin- that’s basically what you’re doing with this type of product.  A recommendation Wiki Answers gives that I like is this:  put orange peel in a cup of plain yogurt, and apply it to your face for as long as you can.  Wash with mild cleanser.  (Try it and tell me your results- I’d be interested in hearing!  I personally have never put yogurt on my face, but I think that would be an interesting idea—yogurt does GREAT things for the inside of your body- why not the outside?)

Other homemade remedies that might work for you:  steam your face (to open the pores), and use lemon juice.

When you wash your face, wash gently in an UPWARD, OUTWARD motion to open the pores and get the gunk OUT of your pores.  Use WARM water.  After your face is clean and you want to tighten your pores, use COLD water and apply your foundation in a downward motion.

Are you gently cleansing and exfoliating your skin with warm water in an upward, outward motion twice a day and your blackheads are lasting for longer than a week?  You may need to visit your friendly, neighborhood dermatologist for further assistance.


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