Similarities Between Working a Direct Sales Business and Cleaning My Kitchen

In reviewing my to-do list, I narrowed this evening’s choices to two items: clean and organize the kitchen….. and write a blog post.  I haven’t written a blog post in a while as my last couple of posts have been videos.  So I was excited to put the proverbial pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and see what was on my mind.  (I never really know, until I see it written out!)  On the other hand, my kitchen has been a thorn in my side for years and I’m finally coming to a point where I can’t take it anymore.  We moved to this house in 2011 when my twins were four.  For a while, I was busy with them— they were in preschool on two separate schedules.  Then they were in school full time in kindergarten on up, but I was catching up on all the business related activities I hadn’t been doing when they were my primary daytime “activity”.  I do the typical kitchen cleaning that all people do— counters, floor, dishes….. but that’s about it.  Groceries don’t always get put away properly.  Soda bottles sit on the floor waiting to be enjoyed.  I have very tall cabinets, and I’m a very short person.  Often enough, things sit on the floor or in a cabinet whose shelves I CAN reach, and never make it to high shelves where they can be properly organized.  I spent time this evening organizing my kitchen and I’m perhaps a quarter of the way done, having spent just one hour.  I waited years to start this project?

So as I threw out some spices that expired, I got to thinking.  Organizing my kitchen is a lot like working my direct sales business.

  1. I need to have an idea of what is in my inventory.  In my business, I have a sense of how many eyeliners I have in stock, how many cleansers, and how many perfumes.  In my kitchen, I had NO IDEA how much tupperware I owned- until tonight.  I threw stuff in the back of cabinets, hadn’t used it in years, and… whoops.
  2. I need to do a little bit each day.  In my business, I do something each and every day.  Even in a week where my main focus isn’t my business, the little things I do each and every day build up over time and I have a sustainable and profitable business.  In my kitchen, I might be keeping up with counters and floors, but each and every day I need to make sure that things land on the correct shelves.  I need to make sure the kitchen table doesn’t become a dumping ground.  And Lord help the spices, I’m checking expiration dates and they will NOT be hiding in the backs of cabinets any longer— but it takes time and I need to work on it daily.  I’ll be back in the kitchen tomorrow, folks.
  3. I can’t do it alone.  Technically I could work my direct sales business without recruiting anyone onto my team and I’d make a profit.  But I wouldn’t make commissions and it certainly wouldn’t be as much fun.  I’m part of a community.  As far as my kitchen goes, I have a great friend I hire from time to time for special projects.  She helped me put together a swingset and basketball hoop for my kids.  She’s currently helping me prepare for a garage sale.  Well, guess who will be working in my kitchen soon, as I gain momentum on this project?

Well that’s it for this evening—- I need to throw away a couple more old frying pans that are taking up space.  I hope this was helpful!  How are your kitchens?  What room in your house needs an overhaul?  As you organize, do you think about the similarities to working your business?

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