Skin Changes As We Age

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Life keeps changing and people too have changes which is reflected on our skin.

Old age is referred to as “second childhood stage” Which means we prone to acquire the tender skin
once again in our Human life cycle ,the older age. Our skin tone gets used to changes as our immune
power gets reduced. Skin plays a great role in expressing the aging process.

We can categorize our aging process at 5 levels. Birth stage, Child hood , Adolescence, Adult
stage, Old age. The skin tone and texture keeps varying according to the aging and the life style. The
skin looks and feels sensitive,soft and tender at the birth stage, child hood stage has a developing skin
tone, adolescence stage gets a normal skin tone which can protect from external effects on skin, adult stage is a stage were the skin becomes hard and can sustain any external effects, old age is a stage were people become very sensitive to external effects need a special care to be taken to ensure  safe skin.

What changes does our skin undergo?

Skin undergoes a drastic change as we grow older. Some of the symptoms of aging are:
Wrinkles form on the surface of the skin which occurs due to habitual facial expressions, aging,
Dry – life less skin, where lack of nutrient and nourishment is felt as pale effect. As the blood
flow becomes uneven in the skin tissues. Dryness is also caused due to lack of oil secretion in
skin leading to cracking of upper skin layer leaving a segmenting pattern.

Permanent hair removal is some times in need as excess growth of hair which makes people
look awkward. This can be rectified through hair removal techniques such as waxing, laser
treatment, hair removal creams,wax strips etc.

Darkening of skin happens due to more melanin pigmentation or due to shrunken skin.
Pigmentation problems are most common as we grow older. Which may be excess or lack in
pigmentation. Leaving skin in irregular coloration.

Changes occurring inside the skin:
Muscular loosening of skin tissues on face, shin, cheeks, neck and other sensitive areas.

Bone shrinks and looses volume causing skin dropping. Mostly seen in face and knee areas, where skin becomes clustered and dark.

Skin tissues lose their elasticity leaving the muscle loose.

Skin melanin pigments gets reduced causing whitening of skin from inside.

Fat content under the skin layer reduces as we age leaving the skin dull.

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