The Emotional Trauma of Troubled Skin

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Whether you’re a skin care lover or a direct sales marketing lover, you’re welcome at this blog. So without further ado, here’s one of my past skin care posts.


It’s unfortunate to know there are many people suffering on a daily basis with troubled or blemished skin, who experience the horror of deeper problems such as severe depression and anxiety, just to mention a few.

Living with bad skin can result in feelings of being undesirable or unwanted.  Other thoughts that possibly run through your mind are, “I can’t be in a picture!” or “I can never wear my hair short or up out of my face.”  It’s an astounding realization that those who have bad or troubled skin can feel as though their life is not worthy, or that it is tarnished in some way.

For those fortunate people who don’t have bad, troubled or blemished skin, never realize or understand the repercussions and the emotional turmoil that others suffer with daily.  Most people are just not that familiar or aware of this sort of nightmare.

Living with troubled or bad skin can cause so many life-altering circumstances and challenges. If you have issues with bad skin and can relate to these feelings, it’s important to get help.  If you hate your skin so passionately, you could be only a step away from not liking yourself. Feelings you constantly deal with could be:

  • Awakening in a fresh mood, and one look in the mirror ruins your entire day
  • Your skin makes you want to hibernate and stay home
  • Your skin is keeping you from accomplishing your goals
  • Your skin keeps you from eating certain foods such as pizza, chocolate or anything greasy
  • You intentionally avoid mirrors at all costs
  • You decline to attend social gatherings or events
  • You just want to hide under a blanket and never come out

These feelings could be symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.  Feelings of guilt and blame can take over and leave you feeling responsible for the way your skin looks.  Have you ever thought it could be completely out of your control?

There are some people who will form judgment and associate bad skin with a person’s monetary status.  It appears to others that you just might not have the means to take care of your skin problems due to lack of money.  For instance, most people think that those who never have any sort of money problems can afford to seek the best doctors and the best treatments on a consistent basis.  However, we all know that money really has nothing to do with it at all.

Society as a whole, movies, media and magazines have a disheartening way of suggesting what is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to portraying skin issues. For instance, you never see a girl covered in acne, blemishes, or troubled skin in any films, nor do you see them on the cover of any magazines. We need to remember that these “Hollywood” ideas just aren’t real.

Your face is your gateway to the world, get the help you so deserve.

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