The Safety of a Safelist

Safelists are a cousin to traffic exchanges.  The same people who use traffic exchanges generally use safelists as well.  Needless to say, most direct sellers aren’t using traffic exchanges (yet?), so most direct sellers are not using safelists.  Much like traffic exchanges, you get credits for your actions.  On traffic exchanges you earn credits by surfing websites.  With safelists, you earn credits for reading emails.  You spend those credits to send emails to the members of the safelist.

In your email you can direct people to a squeeze page or opt-in form.  Generally speaking, it’s best not to lead to a company replicated sales website.  Most people clicking for credits aren’t going to stop and spend the time to view your website.  But if they’re interested and led to an opt-in, they may put in their email for more information from you.

Here are some safelists of which I’m a member:

Viral Nugget


Fugitive Traffic Mailer

List Adventure

List Nerds

Mail Our List

Mister Safelist

A few pointers:

1)  When you log in to each, don’t get aggravated by the offers.  You’ll have offers to pay to reach more people.  You’ll have offers to rate a site for extra credits.  Just get logged in as quickly as you can even though it might mean clicking on the “no thank you” in very fine print at the bottom— a few times!

2)  You will get a LOT of emails.  A LOT.  You MUST set up email rules to filter emails from each of these services to folders that you will check only when you want credits for these sites.  I can open my ListNerds folder, click for credits for 20 minutes on the emails there, and send out an email to hundreds of people.  But if all of my ListNerds emails and emails from all other safelists were coming into my regular inbox, I’d probably throw my computer out the window.  DON’T feel obligated to read every email!  You will NEVER catch up.  Don’t feel obligated to join every safelist either.  I’m in far too many, and finding out about more each day.

Have fun with this!

Aside from parenting special needs twins, Heather Price represents three direct sales and network marketing companies. She started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000, and added the greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses. Heather enjoys selling the products and building teams with these companies. Do you need extra income? You can find out more from the “work with Heather” pull down menu at In 2012 she added social media services to her portfolio. For a limited number of clients, she tweets, pins, posts, connects, curates content, uploads videos, and generally explodes the social media presence of small businesses. Heather’s businesses can be found at , , and . To ask Heather about her social media services, simply email her at


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