To The Direct Sales Pro Dropping Postcards At The Bleachers At Her Kid’s Soccer Game….

Did the subject line get your attention?

I’m talking to YOU.  You’re in the top 10%, 5%, or even 2% of your direct sales company.

Greeting cards on display at retail.

Greeting cards on display at retail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You KNOW the importance of following up with your hostesses, guests, consultants, prospective clients, prospective consultants, friends, and family.

You have a system for sending multiple postcards each week and have a message you write to your hostesses, a message you write to your party guests, a message you write to your team building prospects, a message you write for clients’ birthdays, a holiday card message, reorder reminder cards for particular popular products……..

You know the importance of direct mail (as opposed to texts or emails).  You know your people like getting mail from you.

And you’re still handwriting every postcard, bringing a pen, stamps, and a stack of postcards everywhere you go.  Yep, you just dropped a stack in the dirt right there.  Your address book?  Sorry, you forgot that at home.

What if you had a system where you could log into the internet, type a message, upload a photo or choose one from a huge supply, choose postcard or greeting card, and click “send to group”?  The cards would print from a distribution center and would be mail merged with your clients’ names, stamped, addressed, and mailed, with just a few clicks from you.  Still want to do postcards at your kid’s soccer game?  Fine, we have an app for that.  In the span of your kid’s game, even with you looking up to catch every goal, you could probably send 1000 cards.  Try doing that handwritten style!

Try it.  You’ll like it.   Send a free card on me.  Now imagine uploading photos of your products and creating custom cards.  Imagine having all of your clients and downline in one contact management database divided into groups.  Imagine your life without postcards getting bent out of shape at the bottom of your purse.

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Aside from parenting special needs twins, Heather Price represents three direct sales and network marketing companies. She started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000, and added the greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses. Heather enjoys selling the products and building teams with these companies. Do you need extra income? You can find out more from the “work with Heather” pull down menu at In 2012 she added social media services to her portfolio. For a limited number of clients, she tweets, pins, posts, connects, curates content, uploads videos, and generally explodes the social media presence of small businesses. Heather’s businesses can be found at , , and . To ask Heather about her social media services, put your info here:


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18 Responses to To The Direct Sales Pro Dropping Postcards At The Bleachers At Her Kid’s Soccer Game….

  1. Carissa Pelletier says:

    What an excellent concept and very efficient versus writing them all out by hand! Great idea, thanks!

  2. Special needs twins? Wow… you are a wonderful woman! I loved the heading.. long, but very catchy! I have business cards wherever I go and even if it is a friend that needs my email or phone number… well… here’s my business card that has it on there too. Great product!

    • Heather Price says:

      yeah I did the long title on purpose. :) And yep, my special needs twins are turning 7 in January and pretty much rule my life. 99% of my time is spent scheduling their therapies and doing doctor appointments and charting their behaviors and such, going to IEP/FBA meetings, photocopying MFE and IEPs to submit for waiver, SSI, camp, the county board….. meeting with the county board reps, the outreach people at the center for autism, a psychologist and a developmental ped……. it’s a crazy life! :) The other 1% of my time is spent on my businesses. :)

  3. Lorii Abela says:

    Interesting post! What a great system. Who do you send the most postcards to each week?

  4. Shelley Webb says:

    Send-Out Cards are a great product. I especially like that they can be sent with corresponding gifts. I once attended an event as a sponsor. The event holder sent all of us a card with a photo of the group of attendees and a package of Million Dollar Pasta. Very cute… and obviously memorable.

  5. Liran says:

    I really like the concept of video email and have seen a few different companies offer this – I plan on integrating something like that in my business.

  6. Love Send Out Cards for that very reason. It’s a great way to remember the little things (client birthdays, anniversary’s, etc.) as well.

  7. Daveda says:

    Sending cards really does make an impact as it leaves a personal feeling with people. 😉 Great post!

  8. I like anything that leverages my time, yet comes across as personal. Postcards certainly do come across a lot more personal than email.

  9. Automation can be a good thing, especially when you’re dealing with massive numbers of people. At this stage in my business, handwritten cards are my go-to option. But who knows what the future may bring, right?

    • Heather says:

      If you only have a need to send 5 cards a week, perhaps. But I think most small businesses have more than 5-10 clients or team members or potential clients or vendors, etc etc etc in a given week. If you decide to try SOC for free let me know, I’m happy to help.

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