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I’ve had a lot of friends and acquaintances ask me lately about twitter. How do I make money from twitter? What’s it all about? What do you talk about and how do you know who to follow? So I thought I’d throw some info out there for you twitter newbies. Be sure to follow me at and join in the conversation!

YES— if you’re in direct sales you want to be using twitter. You WILL meet new customers and new consultants this way. Do not tweet to the detriment of your business however- you still want to be doing the basics of booking, selling, and recruiting! @liajen talks about this in her recent blog post.

Twitter tip #1 – follow peeps you would want to get to know in reallife. For me, that’s mompreneurs, people I have something in common with. In general, I follow WAHMS, mompreneurs, direct sales gals, mommy bloggers, and people who are in my businesses with me. How do you find people to follow? Try (kind of like the twitter yellow pages!) or just see who other people are following. Those people on twitter who I want to emulate, I see who they’re talking to. Additionally, if someone cool follows me, I follow them back.

Twitter tip #2 – a few peeps at a time, get to KNOW them. See what you can do to help them. It’s about giving, not getting. Someone wants something retweeted? Retweet it for them. (stick an RT before their tweet and get it out there again– now YOUR followers can see it, not just theirs). Give information of value. Someone is looking for a realtor in Cleveland? Great, connect them with someone! Someone is looking for more information about the Creative Memories opportunity? Connect them with your Creative Memories gal. Jump in there and help out. People will love and appreciate you and want to know what YOU have to say. I make a point every day of looking at a few twitter profiles of people I’m following. What are they all about? What can I do to serve them?

Twitter tip #3- for the people you REALLY want to get to know, get on their email lists and connect with them on facebook and linkedin too. Follow their blogs (I do my blog following using blogger but you can use google reader too). You’ll learn a LOT more about them once you’re reading their weekly ezines and buying their products! JUST from twitter, I participated in Direct Sales Bootcamp from @barefoot_exec, I enrolled in a wonderful group coaching program from @donnaamos, I participated in Get Your Year in Gear from @sarahrobinson and @dynamicbizcoach, I bought 3 teleseminar audio series: Direct Sales Super Summit from @lisarobbinyoung, Metromom telesummit from @themetromom, and Savvy Mompreneurs Telesummit from @queenmarypat–plus a one shot deal from @sarahrobinson, Social Media Rockstar.- just from all of this I have gained HOURS AND HOURS of useful information which helps me in my businesses and helps me plan for my future. Perhaps in the future I will sell ebooks, teleseminars, a direct sales group coaching program, or a membership site opportunity…… all of this learning prepares me well for that day. I spend so much time LEARNING from twitter that I forget, sometimes, that newbies think it’s a place for people to share what they had for breakfast. I can’t believe the amount of information put out there in the twitterverse. I also joined 3 groups I learned about through twitter (if you join tell them I sent you) : The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group from @tracibisson , Unique Women in Business from @uniquewomen and Women Empowered by Women from @pink_stefini

Twitter tip #4 – have some method for organizing tweets, whether it’s tweetdeck or a pen and paper, or fave-ing certain tweets. Have a specific time each week where you go through your twitter to-dos — follow this blog, sign up for this ezine, email this gal about the dm convo you were having, etc.

Twitter tip #5 – in terms of what YOU tweet, be interesting and relevant and don’t just talk about your niche. I talk about my kids a lot. Sure…. my niche is direct sales relationship marketing. My main business is a popular skin care/cosmetics biz and my secondary biz is Send Out Cards which helps me a LOT with that first biz. I talk about those. But I also share cute stories about my kids, I retweet great content from others, and I enjoy fun conversations with twitter friends.

Twitter tip #6- RT what is interesting and relevant to your followers. My followers are a lot of WAHMS so I RT teleseminars for mompreneurs, etc. I recently launched an Adopt a Grandma program and lots of people were willing to retweet it for me which was very helpful.

Twitter tip #7- participate in hashtag parties! When a party is coming up, put it in your calendar and when you’re ready to party, go to tweetchat to participate– enter the correct room and everyone in the party will be there– not just the people you’re following. #gno and #journchat are two of the weekly ones. My favorite parties are #tmecoop parties where we launch the #tmecoop shop each quarter (this quarter I’m in with my Thirty-One Gifts website). @resourcefulmom (follow her) always knows when the good parties are happening– she’s usually running them! Hundreds of dollars worth of prizes are given away on twitter each week- be sure to be a part of the fun!

That’s it from ME for now but here are some other GREAT twitter articles for you to read! from @jackbastide this is one of the funniest things EVER written about twitter right here.

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And finally, be sure to Use Twitter as a Twool.

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  1. Eryn Cadoff says:

    This is a great article! Thanks so much. I’m working on a Social media presentation for #ttvharvest this summer and am always looking for new perspective.

    Eryn Cadoff
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    Gainesville, VA
    Twitter: @TTVWineGal

  2. Alicia says:

    Great information. I am trying to learn as much as I can about Twitter. I am interested in learning more about tip #7. I am definitely going to have to read more blogs written by you.

    Twitter: @waxylady

  3. Sine Hough says:

    Thanks this was great—-what an adventure. I am glad there are guides like you and Jen Fong!! Thanks

  4. I would like to thank the author for his marvelous efforts. I always enjoy reading such articles which provides knowledge based information. Regards, Glinda Mullee

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